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I am done chasing that darn donut dog.

DreamDancer Posts: 278 Level 3

He pops up and everything becomes ten times harder.


  • hdfj123
    hdfj123 Posts: 4 Newbie

    It's not mandatory to get the mysterious chest, if you don't pass the levels in time you have another chance😉

  • AkumaXX
    AkumaXX Posts: 419 Level 3

    Congratulations! You have found one of the secrets in this game where "Difficulty is greatly increased when Dachs is on the map. Let him flee or use hammers to slightly decrease the difficulty."

  • DreamDancer
    DreamDancer Posts: 278 Level 3

    @hdfj123 That is the problem, he vanishes, things work as expected, he comes back, things get harder again.


  • UncleBob2
    UncleBob2 Posts: 85 Level 2

    Do you folks really think that there is something like a “difficulty setting” that is set to “more difficult” when you have a Treasure Chest and Dachs has appeared with the key? Any evidence of that?

    I rather like Dachs and would be disappointed if his appearance would make CCFS levels harder! But @hdfj123 says above, once you have the mystery chest you do get to keep it forever until you finally get a chance to catch Dachs and get the content of the chest.

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 7,140 Friends Moderator

    @DreamDancer, I encourage you to continue to collect Mystery Chests and their rewards. Several badges can be earned by posting screenshots of your Mystery Chest collections -- click HERE to get to that contest thread.

    I also disagree with the suggestion that the difficulty level changes when Dachs and his Mystery Chests are present. I don't question your perception, but I have not experienced that in the many episodes I have played in CCFS.

  • UncleBob2
    UncleBob2 Posts: 85 Level 2

    I agree with @MountainMom that I have not noticed any systematic differences in difficulty when Dachs was present and a Mystery Chest was offered. However, once a Mystery Chest is offered, there usually there is a 2-hour time limit to progress through the next several levels to get to Dach who has the key to open the Mystery Chest and get the rewards. I find it is harder to play well when you have a time limit like that (possibly because you are hurrying and not making each move as good as you can), and that time pressure may make the next few levels SEEM harder. Good luck getting Dachs and his key for your Mystery Chest!

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Posts: 1,438 Level 4

    I haven't noticed the difficulty changing but...

    My ads disappeared all of a sudden, I know, I know not everyone gets them but I did. I thought maybe it was from being at end of map since I know some things disappear when you are. That's some of the reason I haven't been playing much.

    Anyway...I played a couple weeks without ads and used one or two boosters. I used 3 boosters on a level and still couldn't pass and guess what popped up at the I played some levels and got ads on a level I didn't pass 2 levels after they appeared. I didn't pass again and no ads. I tried again used a hammer and didn't pass but amazingly there was an ad at the end after using a booster.

    Coincidence?🤷 I have my doubts.

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