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🎁Reward Players During Repeat Events📦

Solarwave Posts: 246 Level 3
edited May 2023 in Ideas

After the 2022 Christmas Calendar event, there have been repeat events for costumes that I have already obtained. Therefore, rendering the game unplayable.

Idea: During costume event, the players who have already obtained the costumes from previous events will get a reward.

Reward items: Players will get 5 lollipop Hammers of each type of lollipops (5 regular Hammers, 5 Wrapped hammers, and 5 stripped Hammers.) Players will also receive 24 hours of infinite lives and 24 hours of all three boosters.

These rewards will only be given to players who have already obtained the same costumes from previous events(repeat events).

I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading.

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