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They call it "rainbow bonus"

AkumaXX Posts: 450 Level 3

And I will only collect the rewards and leave. Being against the nature is foolish.


  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 146,016 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited June 2023

    Hello there! @AkumaXX and Candy Friends Crushers! 👋😄

    Woohoo! Great news! Rainbow Bonus Run (also BubbleGum Troll) Events are available now! 😄

    Here is the English Version and teaser of Rainbow Bonus Run Event! 👇🌈😄

    Woohoo! I did passed these 5 levels with my 1st try and without using boosters and extra moves on this event! 🌈😄

    That's right! After we complete these 5 levels, we will getting 5 extra free lives and also 10 stickers/points of lollipop boosters each one level. Then we will also getting all of 30 minutes of friendly boosters and also sweet lollipop boosters by giant gift reward. Sweet! 🎁😄

    That's all while there is no Star Chaser and also Cookies, Jams and Octopuses Challenges after we complete Rainbow Bonus Run Event! We love Rainbow Bonus Run Event! It's Friendstastic and Marvelous! 🌈😄

    ** You don't forget to update the latest version of this game then you will see Rainbow Bonus Run (and also BubbleGum Troll) Events released on this game now! 😉 **

  • vonkizh
    vonkizh Posts: 102 Level 2

    It took me twice before i finished numbet 5

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