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Bug Sweet Streak

Sabrina_Spellman Posts: 247 Level 3

Bug Sweet Streak in CCFS, Sweet Streak is revert to Striped Candy+Wrapped Candy is instead of 4 Special Candies during Win Screen, there no "Next" Button in Win Screen, due to Stuck at Sweet Streak with Striped Candy+Wrapped Candy, Press the Back Button (or Swipe to Left/Right Edge in Gesture Navigation) on Android Phone.

shown Sweet Streak in Loading Screen, after press Back Button, also Map Screen.

Why Sweet Streak uses Always Show?

Sweet Streak not appear level at start without Losing Life, after Win Level.


  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 38,131 Friends Moderator

    Hi @Sabrina_Spellman I played a new level today and was surprised that I didn't get any pre-game boosters, even though I had a full candy jar with all the boosters. After I won the level, a pop-up appeared that restarts "Sweet Streak" for 27 days. Apparently, at this point "Sweet Streak" has been finished for the past period and has now started again.

    I agree that it is very confusing. I will report it, as I too was very irritated by the behavior of the app. 

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 38,131 Friends Moderator

    @Sabrina_Spellman the studio was unable to recreate the error. They said that there must have been a temporary connection problem at the time it happened to you. Do you basically have a stable internet connection? If the invernet connection is very weak or fails again and again, similar errors could occur more often. 

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