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What determines how many Dachs deliveries a team achieves?

UncleBob2 Posts: 85 Level 2

My “Uncle Bob” team has had very different levels of success with getting new deliveries in Dachs Delivery Service over the years. Since I have recorded the starting and finishing levels for each of my team members for the beginning and end of each DDS session, I thought I would examine the relationship between advancement of my team members and the number of DDS deliveries for that session. The results from low to high are:

4 deliveries + 2 team tasks on the final delivery —-> team members progressed a total of 166 new levels

6 deliveries + 5 team tasks on the final delivery —-> team members progressed a total of 313 new levels

7 deliveries + 4 team tasks on the final delivery —-> team members progressed a total of 424 new levels

18 deliveries + 0 team tasks on the final delivery—-> team members progressed a total of 943 new levels

21 deliveries + 2 team tasks on the final delivery—-> team members progressed a total of 1,038 new levels

22 deliveries + 1 team task on the final delivery—-> team members progressed a total of 1,209 new levels

Clearly the progressing of my team members had a strong relationship to the number of Dachs deliveries that our team achieved for that DDS session. I think this relationship goes both ways because (1) team members progressing levels helps achieve the “100 New Stars” and “30 New Classic Levels” Team Tasks, which often seem to be the hardest Team Tasks to achieve, AND (2) getting the 30-minute “friendly Wrapped Candy” and “friendly Coloring Candy” boosters plus one or more lollipops for each new Dachs delivery helps each team member progress to new levels.

But is this just my team or does this relationship also hold true for other DDS teams? Does anyone have comparable data to share?

Clearly other factors may also influence how many DDS deliveries each team can achieve in each 10-day DDS session. How well each team member understands the DDS game and can efficiently coordinate their efforts with the other team members to satisfy the team tasks would be one such factor. Another factor could be the Current Level of CCFS that each team member is at, because my impression is that the CCFS levels become progressively more difficult as you progress from level 0 to the current maximum level of 6000+ .

What other factors can you think of that would influence the number of DDS deliveries your team achieves? Would anyone have relevant data on those factors?



  • KingShuvo
    KingShuvo Posts: 521 Level 3

    Still no one replied you over 4 days. I'm tagging our Friends Moderator if they can help something you are asking for. @MountainMom @DieOmimi

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 7,140 Friends Moderator

    @KingShuvo, I suspect most players and DDS team leaders do not keep the type of data that @UncleBob2 is looking for. He consistently offers great advice regarding the DDS events in CCFS, but most play for fun and do not keep statistics. I choose not to tag the long list of CCFS players.

  • UncleBob2
    UncleBob2 Posts: 85 Level 2

    thank you @KingShuvo As a DDS team leader, I am trying to help my team (and other DDS teams) more efficiently play the DDS part of CCFS.

    I think very different playing styles are required for the DDS “progressing” tasks (100 New Stars or 30 New Classic Levels) , where you focus on removing blockers and winning that level, versus the “creation” tasks where you focus on creating as many Color Bombs, Fish, Stripes, or Wrapped candies as possible, or as many fish+fish, fish+stripe, fish+wrapped candy, or striped+wrapped candy events as possible without regard to winning.

    If I am correct, each team player should decide what playing style they should use for their Current Level and the exact Team Task they have currently chosen to work on. Furthermore, I think the DDS team AS A WHOLE needs to have some players efficiently addressing ALL of the Team Tasks. That is, if all team members focus on winning and progressing levels, then the “creation” tasks are done very slowly and inefficiently. Conversely, if all team members focus on the the “creation” tasks, then the “progressing” task is done slowly and inefficiently.

    I personally have had to learn to shift my playing style depending on what Team Task the team needs to finish and what is available at my Current Level, and I was wondering if other DDS team members have had to learn to shift playing styles like this. But I think a DDS team needs to have either have team members specializing on both types of tasks and related playing styles, or have some team members shifting as necessary ans doing both playing styles well. What has been your experience and what do you think?

  • UncleBob2
    UncleBob2 Posts: 85 Level 2

    @KingShuvo I am sorry you do not have the Dachs Delivery Service part of the game. That availability may depend on the level you are at , or how long you have played, or even be random for some of the CCFS players. The new players who join my team seem to be at least above Level 124, so they have played at least a little while.

    Since there are 6 different Team Tasks for each “Delivery” , and you have to choose which one to play, this DDS makes playing CCFS a lot more complicated in my opinion. But having other members on the team also makes if more fun, in my opinion, so I hope DDS is offered to you soon. Cheers!

  • KingShuvo
    KingShuvo Posts: 521 Level 3

    ☺️Thanks. You are dedicated to the game so much. Much appreciated. Keep doing the research and let me mention every time with a new research and discover what you find for🤗

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