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Missing Events Candy Crush Friends 2023

rccweber Posts: 19 Level 2

I have been missing all the events I see other people are playing for a month now. (I play on an iphone) I also have been missing Dach's Delivery for over a year. I wonder if anyone has been experiencing the same issues and could offer me any advice? I am afraid to clear my cache or delete the application because I am afraid to lose all the boosters I have collected, but I am at the end of the game and wish to play the events while I wait for new levels.

Thank you in advance!


  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 11,627 Friends Moderator
    edited November 2023

    @rccweber, I have already submitted your issue to my manager. I would appreciate your patience. There is no need to post this question again.

    Can you tell me on what model iPhone you play? Also, do you launch your game through Facebook or

    Clearing your cache should be done regularly. You will not lose your boosters unless you clesr your game data. We don't recommend clearing data.

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