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Understanding Teams in Dachs Delivery Service

MountainMom Posts: 11,552 Friends Moderator
edited February 13 in Discussions

Many players would like to add their friends in the Candy Crush Friends Saga game. Unfortunately, at this time, we can only play with specific friends if we are on the same team in the Dachs Delivery Service events.

The Dachs Delivery Service feature was introduced into the Candy Crush Friends Saga game in July 2020 when Dachs the Donut Dog started a business to deliver packages to Candy Town citizens. He recruited teams of helpers to prepare deliveries, and he paid them with boosters.

Dachs Delivery Service first appears after a player reaches level 26.

Each event typically begins on a Friday and runs for 10 days on alternating weeks; however, the start day and duration may change. You will be notified that a new event is starting when you see this message.

Do you want to create a new team?

You can either create a new team or join an existing team that plays together in the Dachs Delivery Service feature.

Once a DDS event has opened in your game, you will have the opportunity to create your own team. When you see the graphic that is shown above, click on the "Let's go" button to open up the "Create team!" screen. There you will be able to enter the name of your team. In this example, I typed "LoveDachs" for my Team name -- this is how it will be displayed in the list of teams. Then I typed a Team description that reads "DachsDeliveryTeam" -- this will be displayed by anyone viewing my LoveDachs team. Finally, click the "Create team" button to finish and you will get a confirmation "Welcome to your team!" screen. Clicking on the "Let's go" button will show the initial members of your team. This team only includes king5572 as the Team Leader.

When you create a team, players may be randomly assigned or they can join your team directly by searching for your team name. Unfortunately, you cannot select team members yourself. Alternatively, you can notify your friends that you have created a new team, and give them your team name so they can search for it. They will only be able to join your team if they are not already on a team; otherwise, they will need to "Leave" their current team before searching for your new team. Once they find it, they will have the option to "Join" your team. [Note: In the past, team leaders were notified of new player requests to join and had to accept the request. They also had the option to "kick" a member off the team to make a space for a specific friend. The team leader role has and may continue to change.]

Teams are limited to 20 members. These teams only work together for Dachs Delivery Service events and not for other special events in CCFS!

About quests

Each Dachs Delivery Service (DDS) event consists of 6 quests. The quests can be completed by an individual player or by up to 20 players working collaboratively in a team. The list will display the avatars of team members working on each quest, but players can "Start" a different quest at any time.

After completing 3 quests in a given event, all members on the team receive a Team Award of boosters; after completing all 6 quests in the event, all team members receive an Ultimate Team Award of boosters. Each member must open the DDS quest list to collect their rewards before the event ends -- no rewards can be claimed after the event ends. After completing one "Delivery" of 6 quests, the next Delivery is unlocked with 6 new quests -- this continues until the event ends.

There is a Discussion thread here in this forum with players seeking to be on a Dachs Delivery Service team. You can contact them by tagging them in a reply in that thread if you are interested. To tag them, type an "@" sign followed by their username. When done correctly, their name will be highlighted in bold green font and they will be notified about your tag.

You might also want to check out Basic strategy for playing Dachs Delivery Service events from @Uncle_Bob.

This discussion is closed. If you have questions about DDS, please ask them in the Support section or you can add your comments to existing threads about this event.

This discussion has been closed.

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