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Reaction badges -- what they are and how to earn them

MountainMom Posts: 11,020 Friends Moderator
edited February 26 in Off-topic

Did you know you can earn badges when players "react" to your posts?

You can see how many reactions you have received by tapping your avatar -- your counts appear in your profile under the heading "Reactions" (scroll down your profile to find it).

Each type of reaction is represented by a symbol and includes the number of that type of reaction you have received. The symbols are the same as you will find at the bottom of players' posts. When you click on a reaction in another player's post, you will see the number to the left of that reaction increase by 1. You can only click on one reaction for a given post -- you can change your reaction, but only the last reaction you tap will be counted. You cannot react to your own posts!

There are currently 8 badges for "Helpful" reactions.

There are currently no badges for "Sweet" reactions.

This reaction might have been formerly labeled "Like," but that label is no longer used. The following badges were awarded for "Like" reactions and may be working for "Sweet" reactions.

Please note that earning the "Legend" badge does not also earn the "Legend" rank -- they are two separate awards.

There are currently 9 badges for "Love" reactions.

There are currently 9 badges for "Haha" reactions.

This discussion is closed because it is for information only and intended to encourage you to react to the posts of other Community members. If you have a question regarding reactions, please post it in the Support section.

This discussion has been closed.

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