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Just do done with it.

DreamDancer Posts: 291 Level 3

Last several side events have passed me up without me being able to complete, usually get to level 4 on the first day then will spend the next two weeks attempting to complete that level. Just gets so fruitless after a while. If there's anyone out there on any of the teams that I happen to be on and I don't seem to be contributing to the cause, it's because the game has gotten insanely hard on me lately.


  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 11,552 Friends Moderator

    Don't give up, @DreamDancer. Many of us get frustrated by levels that are very hard. I try to amass lots of boosters to help me with those difficult levels. You can earn many boosters if you are on an active Dachs Delivery Service team.

  • DreamDancer
    DreamDancer Posts: 291 Level 3

    @MountainMom I've got enough hammers where I could just hammer my way to victory if I wanted without making a move, but that would defeat the point of playing.


  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 38,656 Friends Moderator

    Hi @DreamDancer I understand you completely. 😍 Hammers and boosters are part of the game. At first, I try to pass everything without boosters and only very, very rarely use boosters or gold bars. Most of the levels I can solve at some point without using boosters, I'm a very patient person. When an event is coming to an end and I'm running out of time, I use my inventory to make it. Only if I want to, because there is a new costume (which I don't have yet) or I can win badges in the community. 😅

    Have a nice day. 🌺

  • UncleBob2
    UncleBob2 Posts: 129 Level 2

    @DreamDancer , I and my partner have also struggled with the very difficult levels, but please consider changing the approach to the game to make it more enjoyable for you. One way to do that is to change the approach from "win without any lollipops or outside help" to "how can I minimize the lollipops I need to win this level?" , or even "how are other players trying to win this level, and what works for them?" We recognize that to win some levels we will need to carefully use 1,2, or even 3 lollipops, but we can be happy to succeed with using the fewest possible lollipops.
    We even sometimes

    play a level jointly (see picture) and have lively discussions about "what is the best next move" when one of us hits a very difficult level—that makes playing a lot slower, but also a lot more fun.
    I wish we had inter-team communication because then the more experienced team players could give the less experienced team players advice on how to approach winning a specific level. I even keep records for each level about which helper I finally used to win each level (and how many lollipops I needed to use, if any), and I would be willing to share that information with other team members to help them progress.

    So good luck making the game more fun for you!

    Uncle Bob

  • DreamDancer
    DreamDancer Posts: 291 Level 3

    @UncleBob2 I appreciate the thought but the situation is such that if you don't get 75% of the board done with 50% of your moves, you're not going to make it period. As is, I'm lucky to get 25% of the board done with 75% of my moves and that's a losing proposition. I see no reason to waste any hammers or extra moves on an unsolvable board.

    If it took one or two hammers, then yes.

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