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🌼Spring Race versus ⭐️Star Race- which one do you prefer?



  • David5023David5023 Posts: 184 Level 3
    Spring Race

    Hello hello @Lola_Pop how good that I returned there I missed you, vote for spring race because I love the new way to collect flowers in the levels aorita I am struggling to reach first place 😂

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • AkumaXXAkumaXX Posts: 90 Level 3

    Neither event is good due to the fact they require new levels where new guys can easily win a lot.

  • JasminaJasmina Posts: 1,206 Level 3
    edited April 10

    I vote for “classical” levels, I really looove to

    chase big blinky stars ! Esspecially with our funny

    TIFFY !!! 👏👏👏

    Neither event is good because they need new levels where new guys can easily win a lot. I also adore SPRING, FLOWERS AND EVERYTHING WHAT’S GOING WITH THAT “HAPPY SESSON”!

    Everybody are just smiling, and sun can make

    one by one, all of us,... make to be happier !

    Do you belive in that? - Ok. Put your sport shoose on & go outside to say HI !!! 👋👋👋 to our knowen HOT PLANET - THE SUN . 🌞🌞🌞

  • aautz1aautz1 Posts: 122 Level 3
    Spring Race

    I love the spring jelly queen a lot. I love the colors used on it. It shows spring colors.

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 6,005 Level 4
    Spring Race

    @Lola_Pop I voted Spring time race mainly because it's Spring here in America, and to respond to the questions

    I try not to focus on the Flowers if you do, well you will lose the level, stay focused on clearing the boards and move on to the next one if you do this you'll find out that collecting the Flowers are much easier than you thought.....as for the Spring time event I believe that the Bubblegum Troll Event was much more rewarding and easier to play, and as I said before as long as you don't focus on collecting the objects you can pass or clear the level, but trying to stay focus with every Candy jumping and Flowers on the Candy can take your "FOCUS" away from clearing the level and moving on up the map which to me is more important than collecting flowers or characters since the characters need so much percentage to be added up before becoming one of the one's that you can actually use in your Game. Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

  • ElennaElenna Posts: 424 Level 3
    Spring Race


  • AkumaXXAkumaXX Posts: 90 Level 3

    Just to tell how bad it is. You can never win over a new player.

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,534 Level 5
    edited April 12

    It was a cute event. But I wonder how the ranking works because I joined the race only the second day and I was first with 200 flowers for some time and then players with 500+ flowers appeared suddenly, one taking over the previous one, almost. I know the ranking has 100 slots but still, those users weren't even top 20 when I was first, I think this sudden and suspicious addition was rather fishy and kinda unfair 🤔

    I think I prefer the spring race over the star race because getting stars is more difficult. Plus, the only time I played star race, the event was broken, no ranking ever appeared so of course I got no rewards for my efforts 😥

    In the end I managed to arrive first in the spring race 😎. It was very hard (I almost lost, sigh ) so I'll admit I wished for better rewards but I'll take these ones gladly.

    Despite the fishy ranking I had fun. 🤗

    Omg Spring Jelly Queen looks awesome, I want her wallpaper 😭

  • actipton80actipton80 Posts: 399 Level 3

    I tend not to like these race events because I beat new levels too slowly to rank very highly in them. I also have noticed that my game crashes more often when there is a race event going on. The crashes happen when I scroll back to easy levels for daily quests.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 896 Level 3
    Spring Race

    Hi @Lola_Pop

    I voted for the Spring Race because I really like the flowers on the candies and the spring artwork and the really cool Jelly Queen spring costume.

    That said, I enjoyed both events quite a lot and was in a good position so I was able to win them both.

    Here is my final position in the Spring Race:

    The five lollipops were a very welcome prize for winning!

    I also played my first level with the Jelly Queen and I must say she was really helpful. I can’t wait to get her as a permanent member of my team.

    Jelly Queen is awesome!

  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,559 Community Manager

    Thank for all this fantastic feedback for the Studio, guys!

    You're being really helpful 😊.

    @nnarkis - congrats for that first position, you're a friendtastic player!

    @actipton80 , your opinion is highly valuable. Hasve you checked if you have enough memory space left on your device? That could be a cause for the crashing when you start a race like these...

    @Pitty_Kitty , congrats to you as well! Great job there! 🤩 Syncing the leaderboard can be tricky- both devices- yours and the one from the player appearing in your leaderboard need to be online to see the real score, so maybe those players were collecting flowers offline and then appeared on your ranking with a full collection of them 😊 Oh, and I'm glad you want a Jelly Queen wallpaper...it's on its way my dear! 😉

    @AkumaXX , @Elenna , @xMiimosa , @aautz1 , @Nat09 - thanks for your feedback, too! We'll pass every one of your thoughts to the Studio, rest assured!

    @me6412 , very interesting feedback indeed!

    @David5023 - how's the race going, my dear? Did you manage to stay in the first position? 🤗

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  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,559 Community Manager

    There you go, @Pitty_Kitty , the wallpaper is HERE !🤗

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