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Dachs' delivery service tasks

ellectraellectra Posts: 141 Level 3

Hey everyone - let me start by saying that this is a fun event, the rewards are good and it makes the game more enjoyable.

However, like in the daily quests, there should be an option to switch one of the tasks. My team is currently on our 4th delivery and 3 out of 4 had the "collect 150 new stars" task. It is by far the most difficult one, it takes forever to complete (especially since some of us only get 20 levels per week), and it takes the fun out of the game. If we can't switch, there should at least be a better rotation of the tasks.

Anyone else having the same issues? We also repeatedly got the "3 super hard levels" task in addition to the 150 stars. Feels like a bit much...



  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    I am in another team where the leader and another member has hit the end of the road. However I am "only" on about level 350 or so. For me, getting new stars is probably the easiest task of all.

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  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 918 Level 4

    Yes, I totally agree that there should be an option to switch the task. The dreaded 150 stars is the worst.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @ellectra I agree with your basic point. But @Grumpy_Old_Man is correct that the relative difficulty of each task varies on the level that each player is playing at. I wish we could communicate with other team members because we could then discuss who can do which Team Task the best. Grumpy can do stars very efficiently, and that helps our team as we have also had the “150 Stars” task twice.

    For those of us near Level 4500, however, you are certainly correct that completing each new level is quite difficult. I analyzed task difficulty for the pattern of the levels above 3000 for which I have records and indexed “difficulty” of each Team Task by how many new levels would you have to complete to satisfy that task:

    1. Earn 150 new stars. (successfully completing each new level gives an average of 2.5 stars so this TT would take an average of 60 new levels)
    2. Win  8 “Hard Levels” (Orange-colored level button. 3 out of 20 levels are “Hard”, so this TT would take an average of 54 new levels)
    3. Win 3 “Super Hard Levels”(Purple-colored level button. 1 out of 20 levels is “Super Hard” , so this TT would take an average of 51 new levels)
    4. Win 6 new “Fill The Hearts” levels. (Fill Hearts levels occur every 6.2 levels, so this TT would take an average of 37.2 new levels)
    5. Win 6 new “Dunk Cookies” levels. (Dunk Cookies levels occur every 5.8 levels, so this TT would take an average of 34.8 levels)
    6. Win 6 new “Free The Animals” levels. (Free Animals levels occur every 5.0 levels, so this TT would take an average of 30.0 levels)
    7. Win 6 new “Free The Octopuses” levels. (Free Octopuses  levels occur every 4.8 levels, so this TT would take an average of 28.8 levels)
    8. Win 20 “Classic Levels”(Blue-colored level button. 16 out of 20 levels are “Classic”, so this TT would take an average of 25 new levels)
    9. Win 6 “Spread The Jam” levels. (For “Spread The Jam” both the RED jam and PURPLE jam levels count, so this TT would take an average of 23 new levels)

    My data confirms that at the 3000+ CCFS levels, that “150 Stars” task is indeed the most difficult as @, followed closely by the “8 Hard Levels” and “3 Super Hard Levels” Team Tasks.

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    Another way to earn new stars is to play old levels that you didn't get three stars on. It works.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 800 Level 3

    The problem "150 new stars" is also in my team.

    This quest is repeated more often than the other quests. This is sad.

    Although I have no opportunity to communicate with team members, even without chat I "see" how the team's motivation decreases. Players are not interested. They miss. They have no desire to play. The team's efficiency drops instantly.

    It all looks especially awful when, along with "150 new stars", tasks are located next to them, for example, such as "go through 20 new levels" and the like.

    It's unbearably boring.

    Why did the studio choose 150 new stars? I think that 50 or 70 stars would already be enough for such a task.

    And I also want to say about one thing.

    The problem with "Delivery" is the imbalance of tasks. I see that the Studio divided the tasks into groups (tasks with friends, combinations of candies, passing specific levels), but they did not take care of balancing Deliveries in terms of difficulty and time to complete Deliveries.

    And I sympathize with any team that opens a new Delivery and sees the following tasks at the same time:

     - collect 150 stars

     - complete 20 new standard levels

    - complete 3 new super difficult levels.

    This is real hell for the team. And no pleasure from the game.

    I wish everyone patience and desire not to quit the game, but to continue. Although I understand that it is difficult for many players. I do not blame anyone for the fact that they reduce the activity in the game, because I myself relate to the situation in the same way.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 800 Level 3

    @Diamond Lim

    I ask you to invite other players to this topic who may also be concerned about this issue.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 58,415 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there! @ElenaVorona 👋

    It's not news, contests and exciting threads. I will tagging @gr33n3y3z and @DieOmimi checking this question first before I tag them. 😉

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,027 Friends Moderator
    edited July 28

    Thanks @Diamond Lim,

    Hello @ellectra, @Grumpy_Old_Man, @DGenevieve, @Uncle_Bob, @ElenaVorona I think it's basically a good idea to be able to swap tasks. This also works very well for individual tasks.

    However, Dach's delivery service is a team game. 

    Maybe you should stick to the topic of Ellectra and discuss whether it can be put to the vote as an idea.

    In your discussion, please consider what the system behavior should be if an individual team member wants to change the task, but others work diligently on the specific task. Should everything be lost? 

    How could a team member feel if he has just made the last super difficult level and another team member has deselected the task in time. My motivation would certainly not increase as a result. 

    Another way to implement it would be that at least two-thirds of the team members would have to vote out a task in order for it to be effective for everyone.

    For example, I have had the experience that collecting 150 stars was an easy task. 

    The last task in my team was basically: complete 10 quests.

    As mentioned, I think the discussion is great. However, please stick to the topic "Deselect / exchange task" and discuss what you as a player want from the system behavior. Also consider how you would feel if a task was "taken away/voted out" by another member that you might enjoy. 

    A thought-giving could also be to look at members from different time zones - so while some are sleeping, others may be doing tasks that are not so comfortable for you.

    By the way, I have a great team, we have completed 31 deliveries. Due to the different time zones, the last delivery could unfortunately not be picked up by all members. 

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 800 Level 3


    You said a lot of the right things.

    I will only mention two points.

    1. I think @ellectra's wish will never be realized. Therefore, I see no reason to open an idea.

    And obviously this discussion will die too.

    2. What do I want from the system.


    The maximum number of tasks for passing specific levels in Delivery is 3.

    For example:

    - 20 standard levels

    - 6 hard levels

    - 6 levels with cookies.

    Total: the team must complete 32 levels.

    The quest "150 stars" requires passing at least 50 levels with three stars.

    But we know this is ideal. In reality, we go through many levels with only one or two stars.

    Therefore, in reality, to complete "150 stars" you need to go through 70-80 levels (the average number of levels).

    And now I will repeat what I want from the system.

    I want one of two options:

    - the number of stars should be reduced to 50-70 stars

    - or the task "150 stars" should be in delivery only one of the group "pass levels". Those. Delivery should not additionally contain any of the similar levels that I have listed above. Only "150 stars".

    I want the tasks in Deliveries to be balanced in difficulty and time to complete. I believe that it will be much more interesting and fairer than what is happening now.


    All teams are different. You have the longest performing "10 tasks." @Uncle_Bob said somewhere that it takes a long time for them to complete tasks of combining sweets.

    There are no such problems in my team.

    I have a 150-star problem. And I'm talking about it.

    I realized that in this topic it is necessary to discuss only the specific thought of the topicstarter. Therefore, I probably should not take part in the discussion further.

    But I wanted you to understand me. What do I want.

    Thank you for your attention (and for your patience).

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @DieOmimi Well, you raise some valid problems with the implementation of@ellectra ’s idea of a “task-switch” option for DDS. I thought of having the system check whether any DDS team member was currently listed as working on a Team Task prior to deleting it as that is a fairly simple check of the Team Task roster. But the problem with that type of safeguard is that some teams have relatively inactive team members, and having an inactive team member sitting on a Team Task could then prevent its deletion and frustrate the rest of the team. And your point about players in very different time zones is also certainly true for my team—we seem to have a “night shift” and a “day shift”—and that complicates any scheme to switch out a team task without being unfair to some of the team members.

    But your team did extremely well! Is 31 deliveries for a DDS session the record or is the record even higher than that? . (“Jedenfalls, Ich fühle mich ‚So hoch, mit Hut!‘) May I ask how many thousand total levels your entire team progressed in order to successfully complete 31 deliveries? (I ask because my team progressed 1,205 levels to complete 10 deliveries and just get delivery #11 delivered, but on previous DDS sessions we have only completed 4-7 deliveries and the total team progressed only 350-600 levels.)

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,027 Friends Moderator


    I didn't count how many levels my team passed in total. 

    I have the advantage that I have met many members of my team (I am not the leader but also "only" a member) in the community (by the way, not only in the team in Friends. My members in F5 in Candy Crush and Soda are also from the community here). We can coordinate by PM.

    I can also say that not all team members could play because they didn't get the event. They also could not participate in the rewards. If I remember correctly, 5 people were not "allowed" to play. 

    This can also be a cause in your teams, that there are members who do not get the event and therefore appear "idle".  

    Unfortunately, there is no solution to make the event visible to all team members. The issue is still under investigation.

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    Should we have the ability to swap a task?

    Ideally, all 20 members of the team should discuss that in a private group message. But we live in the real world and that's unlikely to be possible. So I would suggest the following:

    Only the team leader can swap a task.

    Only 1 (one) swap per DDS.

    The swap is only allowed provided no progress has been made on any task.

    OK, maybe not ideal, but are there any better ideas?

  • ellectraellectra Posts: 141 Level 3

    Thanks everyone, I agree that swapping out a task could be logistically difficult/impossible.

    I don't have a custom team option so always get assigned a random group of players, and more often than not there are only a handful of active players.

    Maybe just reducing the number of new stars needed for that particular task could be a good and easy alternative.

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    It's all a balancing act. If they made one aspect easier, then I would expect another to be made harder. They won't just give stuff away just because we ask.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 800 Level 3


    Of course, the Studio does not make simplifications, just because we ask for it!

    This is not an argument for the Studio.

    But we are not asking to simplify the game. We ask the Studio to balance the game.

    You're absolutely right, it's all about balance.

    Therefore, we ask the Studio to include elementary logic and make the game more dynamic for players who do not pay for the game, and for players. who pay to play. Because both those and other players go underground when they are bored.

    The game should generate interest and motivate as much as possible to continue playing more and more (and pay too).

    Now we just sadly look at the combination of tasks "150 stars + 20 standard levels + 6 hard levels" and it's so boring ...

    I'm wondering if any of the Studio staff members who play are enjoying this combination of tasks?

    But maybe nobody plays this game in the Studio))))))).

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