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Team Statuses

Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3
edited November 2022 in Ideas

I think it would be helpful if we had statuses for teams because I don't want to get kicked out of a team because I am not online and helping with the dacks delivery when I am online am just playing an event.

Example #1: Online (when you're in the game but not playing any level.)

Example #2: Offline (when your not playing and the game is closed.)

Example #3: Playing Event (when you're playing in an event. it Only works for costume events like Friendsgiving.)

Example #4: Playing world level(I don't know if this one is necessary. If it is then maybe one of you can think of a better title.)

Each of these statuses can be applied manually by the player, or the game will apply these automatically depending on what activity you're doing in the game.

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  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

    @DieOmimi, how come some people are allowed to ask DiamandLim to tag community members for discussions and new ideas they made while others can not?

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,640 Level 3

    I don't mind if your idea is implemented. But for me, as a team admin, I don't see any practical use in it.

    But if your idea is implemented, I am categorically against the fact that the player could set this status manually.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,912 Sweet Legend

    I didn't quite understand your idea. The translation is good, but I have problems understanding it. I can't really picture it either. I'm sorry.

  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3
    edited March 4

    So basically this idea will allow team leaders to see which members of there team is playing.

    EX: a member of a team who is playing will have a status bar below there name that says "playing level 2579" or "Currently playing lvl 2579." In my post I said "Online" for the status name but I don't think it's specific enough.

    I hope you understand better.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,640 Level 3


    In your first post you said:

    "I don't want to get kicked out of a team because I am not online and helping with the dacks delivery when I am online am just playing an event."

    You are afraid that you will be kicked out of the team if the leader sees that you are not currently contributing to the team in the "Delivery" game. Therefore, you want the team leader to see that you are online, but you are playing some other events in CCFS. Did I understand you correctly? (What should be written in your status if you are playing some other event?)

    Or did you mean that you are currently playing other games (not CCFS)?

    (I communicate using Google Translate. So sorry if my questions sound stupid to you.)

  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

    You are correct about the first part of your post. As I stated in my post, example 3 says "when you are playing an event that has a special world, the status of the player will say "playing in event" or just "playing event."

    I hope that makes more sense.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,640 Level 3

    I am the team leader. Do you want to know how I make decisions to remove a player from the team or not to remove him?

    If a player did not appear in the "Delivery" game yesterday and today, then this is not a reason for me to remove the player from the team.

    I never measure a player's value to the team on a daily basis. Because it can't be done. In my team, players live in different time zones. And some of them play when I sleep. If the statuses of the players (online/offline) are introduced into the game, then I still won't see these players online.

    I am sleeping at this time.))))

    But I have criteria by which I try to determine if a player is playing or not.

    1 criterion. He goes through the levels. I see his result in the table of current levels.

    2 criterion. The player does not pass the levels, but I see him in the game "Delivery". In this case, I regard it as such. The player is stuck on a level and cannot complete the level yet. But he tries to be useful to the team and performs other tasks.

    But I have to tell you honestly. If a player does not contribute to the team for more than a month, then I can remove this player from the team. I understand that he may now be concentrating on completing costumed events, or he is currently playing other games that are more priority for him today than "Delivery".


    Therefore, any player from my team who does not benefit our team for more than a month is a useless ballast in our team. I see no reason why I should keep this player on our team. My players need support. They get prizes not only for themselves, but also for passive players. I think they are unhappy with it. Therefore, I remove inactive players so that active players take their place.

    Please don't misunderstand me.

    I think so.

    If a team is a priority for a player, then I need this player and I always appreciate him not only for his results, but even only for his attempts to achieve a result.

    If the player prioritizes other events or games, then I never try to persuade the player to focus on the success of the team. I'm letting this player go free-floating. I remove him from the team.


    Because if most of all a player wants to achieve personal success, then he does not need a team. He can formally be in any team (successful or unsuccessful). It doesn't matter if the goal is personal achievement.

    But I need players in the team who want to play together with the team and get our common prizes.

    If you want to be with an active team, then you can join us.

    If you think that participation in other events will bring you more benefits than team play, then I wish you success.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,912 Sweet Legend

    Thanks for explaining. I suggested this myself. It's a discussion "for the team leaders". You're welcome to take a look.

  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

    Well, instead of trying to estimate if players are online or not based on what you see. The status says when the team member was last active. Example: " Last active 1 month ago." I also didn't what you to think that leaders like me just removed team members by not being "online" for 1 day. Btw, this post seems like a way for you to just advertise your team...

  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

    Yes, I saw it. I thought it was very interesting and helpful as well. I wish you were able to make it an idea so I can vote for it.

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