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(ENDED) 📉 Lowest sum of scores on 3 different levels with 3 different Friends can win gold 💰

MountainMom Posts: 10,577 Friends Moderator
edited May 2023 in Contests

Hello Friendtastic Crushers!

Are you ready for a new challenge?  

What is the lowest sum of scores you can get on 3 different levels with 3 different Friends?

Rules: 👇

  • You can play or replay any levels above 100 in your Candy Crush Friends Saga game. Levels in special events are excluded.
  • You must play 3 different levels, and each level must be played with a different Friend.
  • You can play the same level multiple times to get lower scores or to play with a different Friend.
  • A valid entry includes screenshots of final scores from 3 different levels with 3 different Friends. A Friends character in a different costume is not considered to be a different Friend.


  • The number of stars does not matter; the number of digits in the final scores does not matter.
  • Players can post a maximum of 10 entries in this contest.
  • Please do not edit or remove anything in your screenshots. Your final score, the level number, your Friend, and your avatar must be clearly visible in each screenshot.
  • Please post each of your 3 screenshots individually within a single entry. Do not paste them side-by-side -- they must be in a vertical line to be considered.
  • No old screenshots please!
  • The winners will be the players with the lowest sum of scores. If there is a tie, the player that posted a winning score first will get the prize, and the other player will be moved into the next place.

Dates: 👇

The competition begins NOW and ends on Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time).

What can I win? 👇

🥇 1st place wins 45 gold bars

🥈 2nd place wins 35 gold bars

🥉 3rd place wins 20 gold bars

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Please let me know if you want to be removed from this tag list.

🎉💕🎉 Let's have some Friendtastic fun! 🎉💕🎉

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