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Missing characters

sharazsharaz Posts: 5 Newbie
I am on level 916 and still haven’t received the octopus or bubble troll. A friend got these way back in the game, can anybody help? 


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,679 Superstar
    edited July 2019
    Hello @sharaz, Hearty Welcome to the Candy Friends section of our friendly King Community :)

    I am very sorry to say that both "Olivia the Octopus" and "Bubble Gum Troll" were released to most of the players but to some due to technical difficulties.  Unfortunately, you could be one of those players that have not received these events!! 

    Just a heads-up... the level we are on does not matter to receive these events.  I think we should be above level # 10!! 

    But, I am really hoping that we will see both of them and be able to collect them with regular stickers in future!! 

    Please post back if you have any other questions!  To do so, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below.

    Hoping for the Best!  Have a nice day/evening! 

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  • sharazsharaz Posts: 5 Newbie
    I also have not received a new piggy bank and I don’t get the locked chest coming up anymore. Because of all of these issues with no new characters I am finding the game to get a bit monotonous and boring now. Hopefully things can be fixed soon. 
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,679 Superstar
    Hello again @sharaz, Thank you for posting back :+1:

    1) With regards to the Piggy Bank --  Did you buy the Gold Bars from last Piggy Bank?  Did you not receive another one after that?

    2) Locked up Chest (Mystery Chest) --  The flying dog Dachs is taking a break right now because of Summer and he will appear again after August or so :D 

    3) Yes, like I said above, I am also hoping that we will receive both Olivia and Bubble Gum Troll in to our games with stickers just like other characters.  But, it is completely King's decision though!!

    Please post back about the Piggy Bank.  Hope to talk to you soon.  Have a nice day/evening!

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  • sharazsharaz Posts: 5 Newbie
    No I didn’t buy a piggy bank but a friend of mine got a free new 1 around the same time as the troll level. 
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,679 Superstar
    Hello again @sharaz :)

    I understood now :+1:  Getting a "Free Piggy Bank" is actually a "Test Feature".  It is available only to a small part of players and your friend is one of those selected players to check it out!! 

    Hopefully, we all too will receive this in near future!  Only thing we have to make sure from our end is to install the latest updates whenever available in the App store / Play store.  

    Hope this clarifies your question!  Have a great day/evening!

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