Raccoon Level 5

Hendy3391Hendy3391 Posts: 2
Hi!  I love playing CcS friends :). I am on level 5 0f the raccoon special game and have burned through 25-30 lives...
Is the nature of the black licorice squares to erase the purple jelly that has been established as it comes down?   That is what keeps occurring?  If yes, that bites...please oh please make it stop? :)

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  • Rogerthecat1Rogerthecat1 Posts: 1
    Having a great deal of trouble with level 5 to get Rachel.  Nothing helps
  • Hendy3391Hendy3391 Posts: 2
    I lost TONS of lives on this level!  I finally passed it and completed the series.  There is a video to go watch on here, it helps.  Keep filling up the board with the purple jello and it falls into place...
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