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Turkey Tiffi & Pilgrim Nutcracker

wozziewoowozziewoo Posts: 150 Level 3
I believe both of these were offered last year around this time.  I was wondering/hoping that they would be brought back in some way.  Either via a Star Chaser or collecting Stickers, as I believe that's how they were offered last time.  Maybe special levels.  I'm not really sure as I didn't even know The Pilgrim Nutcracker existed until months later when I saw people's scrapbooks on here.  The Turkey Tiffi showed up for me, for like a day after the event supposedly ended & I never really had a chance to earn her.  I know a lot of new people have started playing the game within the past year or so also never had a chance to get them.  Perhaps they can be brought back again in some fashion &/or some new costumes be made available as well.  King has been pretty good about honoring various holidays & events so I hope that continues.  If the Bubblegum troll can be offered 3 times in less the 6 months, Surly these two costumes can be offered again in celebration of the holiday many of us celebrate.

P.S.  I hope I don't have to make a similar post again in a couple of weeks with regard to Santa Yeti. 


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