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Be able to save 120 min fish or candy award for when you got time



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  • BBRBBR Posts: 1 Newbie
    GranBarb said:
    @QueenMia, since you're our Community Manager & (I assume) our liaison with King, maybe you can help with this.
    I love getting the timed boosters that help our characters. IE: Friendly Fish, for one. However, there's nothing more aggravating than getting 1, 2, or even 3 of them & then running out of lives. By the time I get lives & start playing, again, boosters are timed out.
    Would it be possible for the King programmers to fix it so that the timer pauses when you stop playing & the countdown resumes when you start again? Also, I know I'm not the only player that has to stop playing sometimes to do something IRL.
    It would mean a lot to me & others, I'm sure, to be able to use those boosters as opposed to losing them. 🙃
    Thank you for your time, all your help & hard work, & all your wisdom!
    All's well, if not a little wet, in the land of Oz today. As usual, Dorothy & Toto send their regards. And, me, too! 😉

  • candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 12,333 Level 5
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  • lynnekzlynnekz Posts: 3 Newbie
    I agree with everyone.  I wish the 120 minutes of free lives/boosters was 120 minutes of game time not real life time so the clock only ran when you were playing the game.
  • loulouc6loulouc6 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I like the idea of saving the booster candies and fish until the next time of play but how about new boosters of a different color for this play? It would be more challenging to have very rare boosters in Candy Crush Friends.

  • nikpennikpen Posts: 131 Level 3
    @GranBarb I'm over the moon happy to see someone else with this idea! It's so frustrating to me that we can't 'stop the clock' when life happens. I really hope this idea can gain some momentum as it seems to be about a year old...? I love this, best suggestion yet!!
  • SaamarSaamar Posts: 7 Level 2
    Can you please provide us with the option of postponing the use of active boosters? 
  • dananelledananelle Posts: 310 Level 3
    Love this idea. I always get boosters just as I am to run out door to work or something like that and they get wasted. Voted for sure!
  • akthamabualiakthamabuali Posts: 2,760 Level 4
    Thirty minutes  are not enough 

    Why be normal

  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 411 Level 4

    I proposed something similar for the timed booster rewards in Candy Crush Soda. If any of you play that game check it out in the ideas section!

  • Simon888Simon888 Posts: 289 Level 4

    I agree that timed boosters should be stored like lollipop boosters and you can use them when required. That would be so much more fun for everyone 🤩

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  • DrewpyDDrewpyD Posts: 1 Newbie

    This idea should have so many more votes than it does. It makes me wonder if the players who are voting for other things have been playing long enough to experience the frustration of winning one or more of the timed boosters with no lives left to use them. I think that’s a major flaw in this game! Having to wait 30 minutes for a new life is way too long! I’m not going to wait around for 30 minutes to use whichever timed booster I won with my last life. I have other games I can play. These other games let the player keep the booster/reward/prize until he or she decides to use it. Putting a timer on the boosters isn’t going to make me buy a new life just so I can use the timed booster. I really hope that a change is made in regard to this aspect of the game. I’m a big fan of King games but the obvious strategies that are being used to get people’s money is beginning to be a big turn-off.

    Thank you.

  • Kilroy73Kilroy73 Posts: 36 Level 2

    That is a fantastic idea!! Many times I win booster on a time limit & I'm unable to use it. I had 3 hours of boosters & had to go to work. 😭 I guess I shouldn't play until I have plenty of time to kill. 😂

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