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  • Mary_Kay
    Mary_Kay Posts: 1,402 Level 5

    My favorite is Yeti. He's so cute!

  • LoveDachs
    LoveDachs Posts: 28,156 Level 5

    @Lim 🌺

    Thank you again for keeping me on my

    @QueenMia 🐅

    Good to see you! This is hard because it does depend on what level you are playing and we all have our favorites,' depending on ability and of course "cuteness"😻 and so on. I guess the bottom line for me is the one that really helped me a lot on lower levels and usually is my go to Guy even now when all else fails is:

    🎉🎉" YETI "🎉🎉

    Favorite move: His wrapped candy combined with a Color Bomb or Ball, usually try to use when I have many Cyan blue candies, then sit back and watch as the level has major damage or is cleared. /Also he places his special wrapped candy next to a traveling fish, when you have one, so always look to see if I have or can make any.

  • saxx
    saxx Posts: 49 Level 2

    The dark side of the Candy Kingdom.

  • RegalRenz
    RegalRenz Posts: 8,494 Sweet Legend

    Her royal Highness the jelly queen is my favourite character in Candy Crush Friends. We're mortal enemies in Candy Crush Jelly though.

  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend

    @QueenMia - well thats simple - King Chewy of course 🤪

  • RMP63
    RMP63 Posts: 24 Level 2

    Usually its Yeti but I agree with @LoveDachs it depends on what level and game you are playing.

  • Acv
    Acv Posts: 650 Level 5

    Dachs is my favorite because he is so cute. He makes me smile.

  • Mistyfan
    Mistyfan Posts: 111 Level 3
  • Nat09
    Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    Everyone knows how much I love my gal Rachel, she is my favourite character but to play with, I have to go with Misty. She gives you a bit of everything and she is good at a lot of different levels. I always pick Carnival Misty, she’s my favourite out of all her different outfits, I really love to see her dance when I win😊🐰

  • Sofia1992
    Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

    Me and my best buddy @candycrushinit love our sweet, beloved Nutcracker and especially his outfit King Of Hearts.

    Seriously, no matter how many times you will ask me this, my answer will never change!

    I love Nutcracker abit.~ He is sweet, cutie, very brave and his outfit King Of Hearts makes him super adorable and very romantic at the same time. ~

    (Oh god, I think that my heart starts to melt again. I can't resist on him. He is too cute for this world.)

    And he is my hero too. He saved me so many times from the hardest levels of CCFS and I love how he smashes those annoying blockers.

    And in CCS, he always appears in right time and gives me many boosters so to pass those hardcore levels.~

    So yep, he is my favorite character ever and my hero FOREVER!~


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