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Graphics Glitch on Facebook?

sahm22girls2sahm22girls2 Posts: 3 Newbie

My game has been like this for 3 days now. I have done troubleshooting tips such as clearing cache and updating browser and nothing has changed. I am playing on Facebook using Chrome. Has anyone else had this issue and what solved it?


  • NamTruong2001NamTruong2001 Posts: 2,315 Level 5

    Hi, I have just checked on my Facebook and it's still normal like this. I really have no idea why your browser becomes like that.

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  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,156 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @sahm22girls2

    Welcome to the Jelly Community!! :0)

    Thanks for providing the screenshot as that's really helpful!

    Please post your Player ID and which device you are playing on so I can report this issue please. You can find out how to get that here πŸ˜€

    Also, for troubleshooting steps to try over the weekend, for game crashing on your particular device try here. Hopefully that might get you playing again over the weekend πŸ€”

    Please let me know here how you go :0)

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @sahm22girls2 Hi and welcome,

    Have checked mine on Chrome and mine is also ok which says to me this may be a device issue.

    Have you checked you windows is up to date as well as the game and also restarted your device after updating and clearing cache.

    Also would suggest trying a different browser to see if you get the same result or if this resolves the issue,

    You could also download the windows 10 app version of the game from the Microsoft store as you get far less issues with this but will also be able to tell if issue is on chrome only for you

    Thank you

  • sahm22girls2sahm22girls2 Posts: 3 Newbie

    My ID is 1001394636 and I am playing on a Windows 10 laptop. All above troubleshooting has been done and game was working fine until I got to this level.(1974). I do not play on mobile.

  • HavishHavish Posts: 882 Level 3
  • Brenda12_Brenda12_ Posts: 10 Level 2

    @Lady_Sarina Hi, I'm having the same issue as sahm22girls2 about the graphics in the game. I also, completed some of the troubleshooting to clear it up, but so far now its still doing the same thing. Mine started a week ago. The graphics looked like sahm22girls2. I refreshed the page and all was okay for a few days. Now, a week later its doing the same thing. Will upload a screenshot. ID 1334590487.

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,156 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @Brenda12_

    Thank you, that's great info for me to report with!! πŸ‘

    It's also great that you tried troubleshooting steps. Was this link here one of the steps you tried?

    I'll get back to you here when I know more :0)

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,156 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @Brenda12_ and @sahm22girls2

    I'm thinking @Freddy_ is right with this being a device issue.

    Try this link here for specific troubleshooting steps for your particular device options.

    For PC try this link here

    It can also be good to do general housekeeping maintenance on devices: save your progress first and check for updates for your device, Game app, browsers and clean the caches. Turn devices off then on again after doing this.

    Also sync your accounts (find help for this here)

    It's recommended to have minimum of 2 GB free storage and occasionally I will housekeep my devices by putting photo's on a usb and a general clean up of messages and files etc too. Running a virus scan is also good and sometimes having too many pages open at once can be a hinderance.

    Facebook Game Room has issues sometimes though and the suggestion to play through Windows 10 in Microsoft is great :0)

  • Brenda12_Brenda12_ Posts: 10 Level 2

    @Lady_Sarina Hi, I'm sorry it took a while for me to respond. Not sure if the support team went in and worked their magic, but all is 😊😊😊good. I didn't have to do anymore troubleshooting. Thank you Lady_SarinaπŸ˜„ and ThanksπŸ˜„ to the support team as well!

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,156 Jelly Moderator

    You're Welcome @Brenda12_ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒΊ

    Looking forward to seeing you around the community and in our competitions πŸ₯°

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