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Jelly Support Assistance ✨ - Read Before Posting Please

Have questions about Support Issues? Need help finding troubleshooting answers?

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  • What is your Player/ Game ID and how can you find it?  here
  • Syncing your Accounts - Why and how. Try here
  • Community Account FAQs - here
  • How to access the In - Game Help Centre - here
  • Community Forum Account: Request for new password. Try here
  • Changing Community Password or email address. Try here
  • Moving game Progress to a new device. Try here
  • HTML5 and the Kingdom. Try here
  • Updating Apps. Try here
  • Game and device compatibility. Try here
  • Save your Game Info. Try here
  • How to record/post a Video - here
  • How to manage Notification Preferences - here

PC/ Windows

  • Game not loading / crashing on PC or Face Book. Try here
  • Windows Mobile. Try here


  • Game crashing on an Apple Device.
  • Apple Device issues. Try here
  • Signing in with Appel info. Try here
  • Apple App Store info. Try here


  • Game crashing on an Android Device.
  • Android Device issues. Try here
  • Google Play Store Info. Try here
  • Android Web View Compatibility. Try here

Kindle/ Amazon

  • Kindle device/ purchases/ Facebook issues. Try here
  • Game crashing - here


  • Facebook: Send or receive lives. Try here
  • Facebook Messages. Try here
  • Connecting to Facebook on your device? Try here


  • Purchase Issues. Try here
  • Purchases on Facebook. Try here
  • Gold Bar Support Contact. Try here

Boosters and Levels

  • Lost Boosters on your Mobile. Try here
  • Getting your levels and progress back. Try here
  • Passed a level but not moving forward?. - here
  • Don't have an Event in your Game yet - here

  • Other Quick links for Badges, Points, Discussions etc. Try here

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