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🔍🍬 Eye Spy - What is Different? 🍬🔎

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(FINISHED)🔍🍬 Eye Spy - What is different? 🍬🔎

Hey Jellies,

Welcome to Jelly's Eye Spy - What is Different?

Each Month we'll be bringing you a new Eye Spy Challenge Jelly Style!! 🥳🎈🎈🎈

September sees us celebrating the Tasty Tricks Episode from Jelly in World 21!! One of my favourites!! Wacky and quirky and full of colour!!

Pic 1 - The Original :0) How Awesome is this "Eye Spy"!

Pic 2 - Can you spot "What is Different" below ⬇


🔍 There are 8 things different in Pic 2.

🔍 Find the 8 differences and post them using the Spoiler please 🤗

🔍 That's it, just have fun finding the 8 differences, post what you think the 8 differences are using the Spoiler and enjoy something a little lighter!! 🎈🎈


🍬 25 Winners will be chosen randomly from those with the correct answers.

🍬 Those 25 Winners will receive the one time only, Tasty Tricks Eye Spy Badge above ⬆.

🍬 Contest closes Tuesday 13th September 2021 at 5pm CEST Time

T & C - here

A Big Thank You to @Elsa for her creativity and collaboration on bring this to Jellies!! Great Job with our first "Eye Spy"!!!🤗🤗👏👏

REMEMBER: We have the Jelly Weekend Challenge, Gold Bar Jelly Sugar Crushing Competition and also Jelly Race - how many levels can you pass in a Week?

Come Explore Jelly Community and vote for our September Jelly Knight :0) 🌺😎



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