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Another offensive name *Edited by CM: 🤨 Hold on a bit! Please remember to be sweet and kind

holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2
edited April 2022 in Discussions

Has anyone else come across this individual. She used to go by the name Nil her pic shows in her scrubs and she has now changed her name as above. I will try and upload screenshot. Not only does she have an appalling screen name but she uses the laughing emoji constantly throughout the game even before a move has been made.

Screen names like this should not be allowed and more should be done against players who continue to use these names. They should be placed on a temporary ban. Children play this game and its not acceptable. I have also taken offence at the name. I play the game to escape the horrible things going on in the world and to encounter people like this on a platform like this is unacceptable.

On a plus point despite her constant laughing and charged up boosters I did win!


  • holliedolly2002
    holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2
    edited April 2022

    CM which I take it is Lola Pop thank you for sharing your viewpoint it was most insightful. My understanding is that condescending people don't know that they are being condescending, is that true? Yet again you pull me up and spout the "remember to be sweet & kind" card. So therefore I will re-write my post in praise of players who have offensive screen names, let's celebrate them all and hope that lots of children see adults with these names and think its acceptable to use this language just to stay in line with your view of being sweet and kind. Lets go back to 17 March when another player posted about offensive screen names and you turned that one into a witch hunt. Also, MooMooKD posted about a players offensive screen name which they wrote in full ( I substituted mine for symbols) just checked that post and they have not been told to be sweet and kind so please Lola Pop tell me the difference. I will help you with this one you dislike me because I am vocal. I will report the name to support and see if they are more interested as I am extremely offended by names of this type and they are definitely not sweet and kind nor do they have a place in a game aimed at all ages. Not sure what your actual role is but think you should be more pro active against this behaviour rather than calling out the person who has reported it. Looking through past post of this nature there seems to be a pattern

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi @holliedolly2002

    It was the swearing that was edited from the heading. The House Rules request not getting around the filters, even by using symbols. The Community Sprit also reminds us to say and go about things in a humble and friendly way. Kind like honey vs vinegar I guess and sets the standard for acceptable behaviour when responding to those who may not do so themselves. That being the maturity, we prefer them to aim for instead. Not easy to navigate when feeling frustrated. I get that :O)

    As this is a duplicate of this post and this post in Royal. It will be closed.

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