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Be Sweet and Kind!

holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2
edited April 2022 in Discussions

After posting on here to complain about another player with an offensive screen name I have been told by CM to remember to be sweet and kind so in order to comply with their wishes and the rules of the house I am writing to celebrate how wonderful it is to see players with swear words as screen names. Lets hope that children see these names and think that it is acceptable that adults are using such names. I apologise profusely that I was not only shocked but offended to see such names and I will give myself a good talking to and remember that I must not be over sensitive and that is okay to use these names but it is not okay to report them. I will remember to be sweet and kind at all times and tolerate seeing these names (whilst paying for the privilege) .

It was so lovely over the weekend playing two players (one of whom was reported last week and according to one of the moderators had been identified and dealt with) with these terrible names.

Note to self remember to leave manners and everything you were taught as being wrong at the door when playing - offensive screen names are allowed just as long as you are being sweet and kind.


  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi @holliedolly2002

    Sometimes in a multicultural Community, tones may not come across as we intend them. The translator does translate words but not necessarily tone.

    So keeping everybody in mind and still being sweet and kind in how we communicate, isn't always going to go perfectly. Also factoring in different ages, experiences, languages, senses of humour and expectations. Each individual also shows different levels of common sense, maturity, emotional intelligence and you are right, some can be more or even less sensitive than others. How we say and do things can be positive or negative, depending on all the above factors and many are not aware of their Digital Footprint. Sometimes, it is forgotten that there are people with feelings, behind the screen. I guess that's one good thing about On-line manners and etiquette being taught in Primary Schools now. The next generations coming through may have a better handle on it and facilitate a better environment/ atmosphere and communicate to lessen bullying also. Here's hoping🤗

    Hence we try to strive for a balance between the House Rules and a Community Spirit.

    Some Suggestions:

    Post topics like these in the Support Area - linking, feedback and collecting data is easier from there and is Support Issue.

    Lower Case letters are fine. Capitals can be perceived as shouting or emotional and may detract from the message.

    Duplicate posts are normally closed or merged. If there is already a discussion on a topic, adding to it would keep the info in one spot for ease of collecting/ updating.

    Off-Topic also contributes to posting in less complementary areas, effecting visibility to the appropriate Audience. Royal mainly deals with these type of names, as it is seen more in the RC, rather than Discussions on the Main Board. Both conversations may get moved to the Support Area for closer inspection.

    Frustration I personally get. When it comes to RC Emoji's and names, some show poor sportsmanship and poor taste in choosing a name. It appears that most of those who display that, don't visit the Community and miss out on the heads up, on how we can feel about that type of behaviour. Was it the one using the abbreviated version of fighter, that also had an avatar, of them with the "L" sign on their forehead? Seems like negative attention feels good for them. Whilst we try to do the best we can in filtering this sillyness, it seems it will return, as some find it funny.

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    As this is off-topic in Discussions and a duplicate of this Discussion in Royal, it will be closed.

This discussion has been closed.

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