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John_58011 Level 3


  • Nothing has been done to make these levels possible without purchasing extra moves. Two weeks on mobile release. Just what are the Game Studio playing at ?? They are as much use, as a chocolate kettle.
  • Need to be able to travel to the U.K. if a winner. Probably have to play all day and all night to stand a chance anyway.
  • The game is declining for the worst in lower levels, let alone newly released levels. Proof is in this thread.
  • Dear King Game Studio .... hits the nail right on the head ! This game, you call the Candy Crush Saga (CCS) is due to be renamed. To the Candy Crush Boosters Saga (CCBS). Same here, once boosters are exhausted on mobile, then the last road to be taken will be on Facebook browser.
  • I warned weeks ago, that King will cause people to quit the game. Soon after 10,000. That long ago. They would not listen to me, nor listen to the others that says the same thing since. In the beginning, the game was great. Six colours, "You only need one jelly", when you get closer, incentive. You want to keep playing.…
  • Infinite cascades solved and prevented by the "Tap to skip" button. So those words, falls flat, in effect.
  • If that is the case, then remove candy collection events and replace with other events. Keep the fun element, plus scoring opportunities to earn Sugar Stars....which have, I repeat, been taken away.
  • The Win 10 players passed it. Why would King buff it to add two jellies in that location for the mobile release ? There is a slight chance before it is fixed to begin the level with fish, to make it less than six Lollipop Hammers, lol.
  • Ruined cascades ruins the game. Taking away the fun, and newer players cannot get higher scores due to cascades taken away. Scoring system for cascades pointless. Level 8328 ruined too. Thanks King for continuing to ruin the game, more players will quit playing, no doubt about that.
  • The game is getting ruined, for those who have no inventory. They will delete the game and move on, in droves.
  • Not there yet due to much rubbish last week, incentive waning fast. And by the sounds of this, it is getting even worse, than last week, or the week before 😠. I REPEAT, I do not want about 6-8 levels per release where you need many boosters, mixed in with 6-8 levels done 15 or more moves in hand no boosters, to placate us.…
  • To take the required jellies after the crystals at the top of the board, no Special Candy cannon, take your 28 moves and double it. That is to make the level challenging, instead of being downright frustrating.
  • Explains my comment in pictures perfectly. Of course it is not doable without booster use and a fair few boosters too. No special candy cannons in sight, that is why. The level designers know exactly what they are doing.
  • Done the first episode. not seen any Sour Skulls, but had 2 levels that do not have enough moves to stand any chance. Even having CB x 2 to arrange to begin with. Party booster needed. You know the levels by now: 10843 and 10846. Level design and moves allocated means the same thing last release : absolute rubbish.…
  • In previous weeks have had her post steps seeing levels revised and feedback noted. sadly is different this week, be it Tuesday evening here and a wall of silence. I put in some positive feedback too, although brought attention to the levels that need revising. Through 10834, not as bad as 10828 and those other 3 Order…
  • Did not wait until level 10828 would be revised. Three UFO then lots of free switches and lollipop hammers to take the frog without being out of moves. Used enough as to take the last frog on the final move. Remember one take of the frog needs a move, so if four frogs are still needed and three moves left the level is…
  • Takes more than 2 UFO to get the frogs on level 10828. Was so angry, I closed off the app soon after I photo it, shut down the Win 10 tablet until Monday or Tuesday, when (hopefully) they cleared up that rubbish.
  • Seems like the one we mention is out of office at the weekend and fix comes Monday. Should have been dealt with on the Friday. Not surprised to see another level 10833 to be solved with moves to spare, just before more rubbish.
  • Dear @LindQ and anyone else would be to view, now is the time to speak up and show this rubbish in pictures. You can see where the trouble begins, level 10804, with a ridiculous number of Greens required to make the order that is needed to pass the level. And where I am right now at 10828, someone tell me how to get three…
  • Yes I agree. The tactics are changing by putting a few levels (not that many but enough) that virtually force purchases. Mixed in with a few levels that are cleared 15 moves in hand to fool us. And it is not always just blockers, it is orders that have no chance to fall before you're out of moves, which needs heavy booster…

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