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We want your feedback on the levels 12 096 - 12 140!



  • berf
    berf Posts: 81 Level 3

    I reached the velvet rope yesterday. I must say, these 45 were some of the worst levels in recent memory.

  • NancyDrew
    NancyDrew Posts: 88 Level 2

    Freedom! After a tiny bit of soul searching, I am leaving CC. Been a great run - about ten years and over 12K levels. But it is causing me way too much stress (I must hurry to get the new levels done before the moves are slashed in half) and I am going the +35 on almost every episode. In addition I am spending too much money - used to be a couple dollars here and there and now I'm spending too much. I will continue to play every now and then on my phone once the levels catch up, but for now I'm done. And it feels great! This stupid game has ruled my life for too long!

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,279 Level 5


    Feedback on levels 12096-12140

    Finished 'em, they were what they were...

    Week #54 of doing one episode per day=week #13 of the ER being nowhere to be found.

    This game & the website are going downhill, fast...

  • Canadianqueen
    Canadianqueen Posts: 6 Level 2
    edited July 2022

    Level 12031 i dont think can be wraped with only 20 moves. Please change.

  • maysweetsweeti
    maysweetsweeti Posts: 2 Newbie

    Hi I need more lives.😍😍😍

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,203 Level 5

    Okay I finished my new levels on Thursday. Have been trying to think of how to discuss them here also was on a road trip. Oh Yeah!

    No I can not say that they were exactly easy. But when I look back at my notes (1st thoughts of each level) I find that I have circled 18 of them. I did have quite a few of what I consider to be lucky boards this time. But I considered those circled levels to be relatively fun. Some other levels I have commented that I believe I would do a better job if I played them again, maybe caught on to something a little late in the level. Some I have marked as having too much stuff and that I did not like. This seems like a normal thing for a game.

    While we are supposed to be able to complete the levels using no boosters nowhere have I ever seen how quickly you are promised that you can do such? Play it 1, 10 a hundred times? Starting out with a full candy necklace helps a lot. But since we are giving tools such as this how can anyone believe that the levels are going to be a breeze to go through.

    Boosters used in creative ways that is the key.

    Simply blasting thru levels using boat loads of boosters is not my style. Set up your board. Maybe not right from the get go. Especially on the levels with too much stuff. Look at your board, study your board. Be creative. CB + CB while good is not always your best option. Party Boosters right from the get go? Think about that one, maybe not so good.

    ʕ•́ ᴥ ˘ʔ/

    p.s. It is Just A Game! One that I love, this month marks 9 years!

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,279 Level 5
    edited July 2022

    Your level #s are a bit off, eh?

    Your comment would've been more appropriate over here, but point taken; & merry (belated) Canada Day to you...

    Welcome, rookie; don't we all?!?

    You seem lost, so click here for starters.

    You can probably find a solution to your issue by going here.

    Best of luck with that (& everything else), & may you find whatever else you're looking for...

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 209 Level 3

    I warned weeks ago, that King will cause people to quit the game. Soon after 10,000. That long ago. They would not listen to me, nor listen to the others that says the same thing since.

    In the beginning, the game was great. Six colours, "You only need one jelly", when you get closer, incentive. You want to keep playing. More challenges followed, the Chocolate Factories, then those silly Tornadoes, the latter got rightly removed. The game since evolved - but in the last 12 months, for the worse. Those Sour Skulls, and the troublesome Order Locks need to go the same way as the Tornadoes,, for a good start, immediately. But dream on, LOL, not happening.

    You get to the last 3 moves allocated, and not one last jelly, or six jellies, as in the beginning. Losing count of the jellies, some blockers, and a couple of Jelly Jars into the mix, not yet exploded, today. The "evolved " Candy Necklace having not enough effect. You know you've got no chance with 5 moves left: incentive gone. Not every single level, but more than 50%, if the truth be known, game still ruined. Challenge gone, bringing in frustration and stress is that the way you like it, King ? No choice but to use boosters via glitches, or pay to pass. No wonder that players are quitting the game to play elsewhere.

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    12139 is a perfect example of the complete incompetence being pumped out by the hopeless team of designers.

    You have to match the stripes and CBs down the left to ultimately unlock the double CB at the bottom. But.. if you have any stating booster, particularly a CB, it will inevitably remove one of the stipes on the left, meaning you cannot do the stripe+CB sequence.

    It should not be the case that having a starting booster is a hindrance to completing a level but this is increasingly becoming a common occurrence, neatly demonstrated on this level.

    For goodness sake @LindQ @Crazy Cat Lad is it too much to ask that the levels are tested before they are released?

  • lillyb51
    lillyb51 Posts: 81 Pro Player 👑

    I always get answered they usually right on top of it, I am a very active player r u tagged not to get messages? Or in the wrong spot to drop messages to them? Good luck

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