Candy Crush Saga my friends get sugar drop candies on springy levels - I don't - how do I get them?

My friends get sugar drops on springy levels to get presents of boosters.  I don't get them.  How do I get them also??

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    Hi tbellinghausen,

    Our Game Studios are constantly working on enhancing our games by introducing new features, game play or concepts. To ensure the change is a positive one a randomly chosen group of players is always selected to trial the feature and based upon how the change is viewed we decide whether the change is one we want to permanently implement or not.

    Unfortunately you were not chosen for this feature test but you might get lucky being selected for another future test feature.

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  • hi, I am playing the level 943 but still no sugar drops even by facebook or by my android phone, all of my friends are playing sugar drops right now, when can you fix the problem? it is really not fair for me too, thank you.

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