1826 - says every time that there are no possible moves when there obviously are.

siouxsiesiouxsie Posts: 31 Level 2

After 2 or 3 moves this game shuts down saying there are no possible moves even though there are.ย  I have only managed to play it once in 2 days of trying. Will we get our wasted loves and boosters back when the bug is fixed?


  • sorry to tell you guys that you will find this problem all over the game, I do think this is a way to force you to buy lives, because it is happening since previous level, this is boring, anoying and make you loose a lots and lots of lives. NOT FUN to play anymore!!!

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Im on the same level and have the same issue very annoying and frustrating why would anyone want to buy lives to play when they dont even give you a chance to play? I have never spent money and i wont if they dont fix the issue id assume alot of people will stop buying items such as lives because its a waste and a waste of a booster when they do this too

  • This level is making me nuts! I go through all my lives in minutes because I'm given two or three moves then it says no moves remaining, and the game is over. It sounds like this is a shared problem for all. I don't mind spending time to pass a difficult level but when you can't even play one full game there is a problem! To attain this level, we have obviously dedicated some serious time to this game and it's frustrating that this issue is not being fixed.

  • JuniperJuniper Posts: 23 Level 2

    Is this part of this level?ย  Because it's fairly stupid.ย  You move once, it shuffles and says no more moves.ย  Doesn't happen all the time - but often enough to make the whole level rather pointless as well as attempting to use any boosters futile.ย 

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