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Unable to access level 2646

SH_LeeSH_Lee Posts: 81 Level 3

This new level 2646 open up on Wed but until now still unable to access it. I can see friends on higher level than 2646 so new level should be open for playing.

Please help. Thanks


  • tjgrittstjgritts Posts: 13

    don't bother ... I have been on it for weeks now... it is not working like the videos I have seen ..I dont know how to explain it properly but here goes... the blocks turn and eliminate with every key you get.  mine never eliminate to the grey like the other players videos I have seen.. so no matter how hard you try or how many boosters you use you cannot get it.  I am deleting this game entirely off all my devices soon as this pisses me off .. all my boosters gone again.. and for some reason all my bars because that is so close to the game over thing I accidently hit it.. I have asked before but this is getting frustrating and a game is suppose to be fun with a challenge.

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  • fran_kwasfran_kwas Posts: 26 Level 2

    Another ridiculous level, the only way to beat it is if you have lollipop hammers. This level is not fun!

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