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Dear King,

I am writing this message to request you to extend the Flash version, because not all players have high performance browsers to gain access to levels past 2825. Players/users should give the chance to play those further levels while the new format (HTML5) is not supported on older browsers. Imagine a player reached the last level and the game tells him to update the browser, and he used the Windows 7 platform. The new format is not supported on such browser/operating system, there should be some requirements to fulfill the transition, like what you said on some blog posts. In some cases when a device has the last supporting version, the player/user should buy a new device that had the latest version of a certain operating system. Otherwise, he will be forced to quit for the sake of the money to buy a new one. I have reached the 2000s, and some players have completed all or most levels. For those who completed 2825, they are finding ways to update the browser to keep playing, otherwise some are getting forced to quit for above reasons. Because of that, I leave with no choice but to write a note to notify the results.

Around sometime in early 2017, some players noticed that the Facebook version looks like mobile. They thought that it was a glitch. It has been realized that it was a beta test for some players. Initially, the attempted transition was received mostly negative responses by some players because of some flaws. 

Upon the forced transition to the new format, 189 episodes is likely not enough. Doing the transition after sometime reaching 210-250 episodes is fine and enough. In my own view, the new format is rash. To name a few, there are some things: The mechanics within the game, no new backgrounds as proofs of the episode story (in other words, only your workers had the real background, as if we saw the episode release poster on FB and Twitter, we can see the real background), and some features from Flash didn't exist. Notably, like I stated above, it takes many steps to perform the conversion, as long as the requirements are met. Those are differences between these both formats. However, HTML5 has some drawbacks. To name a few, those are: the compatibility of the new format, its cost in terms of money for those who used the older OS, some features that didn't function well, and for some cases, new levels past 2825 didn't show up even the browser is updated.

There are games who are still continue making new levels under the influence of Flash. Some examples are Farm Heroes Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga (maybe?). We know that Pet Rescue Saga is now running under HTML5, and I don't think the game is still making new levels on Flash. In some cases, they intended to remain until Flash is completely outdated. 

It is rather unfortunate that Flash has been demoted to secondary importance. There are few reasons that made up the demotion, namely: First, Flash is susceptible to security risks, like what you stated on your blog posts. Second, the fact that the game loads faster and serves better. Not all players had the same experience as some realized that. In case that HTML5 fails, Flash is used as a fallback. 

I highly disencouraged the forced transition that make the contents exclusive for experienced players until it is fully operational.

I hope you read my message regarding the extension for Flash. This helps bring back players/users enjoyment to this game. Can you give at least a second chance to desperate players who are using the device that had the older operating system, even if it's good for a year? It doesn't take much coding or some configurations to perform such action.

You can email through my current main account ([email protected]). If you disregard about the message, this may be the last time I'm involved on King.com games. 



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    No response? Oh, come on!!

    Because of that action, players who reached the finish line (2825) have lost the war for some conditions. Imagine a player who have finished 2825 and the game tells him to update the browser, the attempt fails due to compatibility. That's giving up, and it's considered lost.

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    I don't understand why I can't get any response back to me about where I can find the codes for these games. I'm about to leave these games if know one wants to help me with this question
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    Hi @Cjay1997 and @leshia, by now you must realize that it's not KING that controls flash.  It's Adobe and they are phasing it out.  Here is a blog posted in the community about HTML5 and you can read it here.

    I realize that Cjay1997's message is almost 2 years old but things have improved and all browsers are supporting the games using HTML 5.  Farm Heroes is being switched shortly too.

    @leshia, what kind of response are you looking for with regards to coding?  You don't need to know anything about the coding because that is the studio that creates it.  Where are you playing the game?  You should be able to play through Facebook with the HTML5.  If you are on a mobile device, you should be able to play the games there too.  Please give us more information so that we can offer you further direction.
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