Why do I only have 12 moves in Candy Crush, level 1066? Other people have up to 40!

I only am given 12 moves to make 14 color bombs! Impossible!



  • Laura_GrosvenorLaura_Grosvenor Posts: 1,575 ✭✭✭✭

    Hello Only1Steph. I will let the Moderator know about this for you. Thanks for the feedback and have a wonderful day. :)

  • any moderator going to update this???

  • They want you to spend real money to beat this level. It's seriously impossible with no extra moves or extras bought.

  • 14 color bombs in 12 moves. it's impossible with the chocolate etc. I think I'll delete the game in a couple of days. don't want to waste my time with an impossible game. 

  • GeordieGirlGeordieGirl Posts: 7

    From cheats and tips: The objective of Candy Crush level 1066 is to With 40 moves or fewer, score 50,000 points or more and collect 14 colour bomb candies.

    And you have reduced it to 12 moves! This is pure unadulterated greed and an insult to your loyal players! It is impossible to pass this level without buying copious boosters.

    Forget it king.com. I've given you plenty and you insult me like this. I'm out of here. 

  • i have the same problem. i only have 12 moves. impossible!

  • Jacob0810Jacob0810 Posts: 1
    Yeah I’m only getting 12 moves on level 1066 and I’m suppose to get 40. 12 is not enough and I’m getting very frustrated that I can not make 1 color bomb or no special candies
  • tikichapintikichapin Posts: 1
    Has thus been uodated ? I just git to this level
  • denhobbsdenhobbs Posts: 1
    It has not been updated. I’ve been sending emails all night to them trying to get it taken care of and I keep getting the same thing back, thank you for playing our game. I’m not going to be playing much longer if this is how they are! 
  • Only1stephOnly1steph Posts: 2
    It really is wrong to cheat loyal game players and supporters out of their moves and then expect them to pay to play. I deleted the game. I love playing the game and I played it everyday but I refuse to spend money to beat a mobile game. Shame on you King! I'm glad that other players feel the same way that I do! 
  • Level 1066 is impossible! 

  • louiseann2161louiseann2161 Posts: 8
    I am not playing this game anymore. King gives 12 moves to clear 14 color bombs. All they want is your money for boosters and I'm not doing that! I was enjoying the game but when they do this...it's not fair to the players....so bye bye!
  • angiebangieb Posts: 1
    Same issue. I can’t get anywhere on this level!   Hey drop it to 12 moves? If others had 40, we all should.
  • I have been on level 1066 for three days now and it is impossible to beat without help. Bars on the chocolate and jelly on the special candies. It needs to be fixed 
  • Lou_2_2Lou_2_2 Posts: 10
    From 40 to 12 moves for level 1066 - a bit drastic don't you think - even with boosters !! 
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