Why do I only have 12 moves in Candy Crush, level 1066? Other people have up to 40!



  • daffi15daffi15 Posts: 2

    I only am given 12 moves to make 14 color bombs! Impossible!

  • daffi15daffi15 Posts: 2
    1066. 12 moves??? If it is reqhired to pay ,I won’t. I’d like to have a loyal game. If I have to pay I will. At the beginning. Not to pass impossible levels 
  • tudorgurltudorgurl Posts: 3
    Yeah, sorry. I'm not giving you guys money to simply pass a level. You know 12 moves aren't enough.

    Man, King has gotten greedier and greedier the past year or so.  It's not about the players, just the money. Guess I'm gonna delete the game. 
  • monty79monty79 Posts: 11
    Why do I have 12 and not 40 moves on this level ? 
  • Khoddiey_ClarkKhoddiey_Clark Posts: 262 ✭✭✭
    I would suggest matching a colour bomb and a wrapped candy together. You can exit and re enter levels without losing lives or boosters. 
  • MommoTMommoT Posts: 2
    edited November 17
    Level 1066 is **EDIT: Rude** 12 moves. I am a good player but I am not buying extra moves to not be able to win what is obviously a **EDIT: Rude** move on your part.
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