Why does my piggy bank on Candy Crush have only 30 bars in it? It used to have 60.

I think it's wrong to charge the same amount for half the bars. If you ask me...that's pretty greedy. I will not be buying anymore.


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,591 Superstar

    Hi Louiseann21, thank you for writing us here at King Care. I have been seeing a lot of complaints posted here regarding the change of the gold bars in the piggy bank from 60 down to 30. There is a test going on, and players were randomly chosen to test this out. Perhaps if the test fails then they will go back to the old way. It's now a wait and see what they plan to do with this.

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  • gabemgabem Posts: 1
    I am in level 1,282, paying a significant amount in bars and other things. My piggy just switched from holding 60 to holding 30 bars for the same price. Essentially you doubled the price to play overnight, with no explanation. Hope you can keep a lot of users, because I will not be one. 
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