I lost all my levels and my game reset back to the beginning



  • fakefake Posts: 1
    I’ve been playing since the beginning  and have seen a lot of things change over the years. But the biggest thing for me is the way they’ve changed. Crowns for instance how do you collect them? I’ve done numerous levels in a row I think 22 is my best and never was able to get any bonuses. CC also manages the puzzle they way they like. They blow things up that don’t match, candies fall different for CC then they do for me. The game was a lot of fun at the start, but like anything else they’ve changed. Adverts. Buying and selling. I guess CC needs the cash. After buying for 7 billion dollars. 
  • ATTAATTA Posts: 2

    I was on level 2036 and don’t know why ask me to log in than I back to level 1 but my iPad still stay at 2036?! Please help

  • helelpeters26helelpeters26 Posts: 1
    Lost my progress with my friends and my level is 1 when in fact should be 85
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