Problems with connection and lives

Half_MexHalf_Mex Posts: 4

My username is Half_Mex, and I am currently on level 896 in CC. I play the game on my iPhone logged into my kingdom account; I do not have the game connected to FB. 

For several weeks I have not been receiving lives (I received them regularly beforehand), then this week I received a few lives, and then suddenly I get error messages stating I’m not connected (I’m connected to WiFi). 

I have deleted the FB app, cleared the cache in my browser, and restarted my phone (instructions from Soda forum since I’m having similar problems with that game too). I also have the most current update of the game. 

I’d really appreciate some help! 😁

I’m afraid to delete the game app because I might lose my progress. I’ve noticed that, even though I log into my kingdom account on my iPad, the levels aren’t the same???🤷🏻‍♀️

Many thanks!!


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