level 4138

parlady99parlady99 Posts: 186 ✭✭✭
Hard to believe there are no comments on level 4138.  It has gone from 4 to 5 colors.  Also, it seems that no matter how many times you hit the spinners, they don't go away.  The fish hit the spinners; but that hit doesn't count.  Way too many glitches on this level and will be the end of most of us unless it is changed.


  • Crusher777Crusher777 Posts: 1
    COMPLETELY AGREE!!!  Can’t even get close on this level.
  • WoljWolj Posts: 5
    Yeh- I have used a heap of boosters as well but it is just too hard. You can hit the spinners, but they do not die, and then you are out of moves. I enjoy a challenge- but this is ridiculous. I am going to have to wait until it is fixed. Either remove a color or make the spinners die with a couple of hits. Please hear our (typed) voices...
  • sooshuntsooshunt Posts: 9
    I agree,another level that is impossible to win.
  • candyrebcandyreb Posts: 2
    A ridiculously hard level! I’ve been on this level for over a week and no closer to completing it. The ‘question mark’ boosters you can add just changes to a different colours, the fish don’t stop the spinners.

    frustrated and close to deleting the whole game 😡
  • sooshuntsooshunt Posts: 9
    I played over and over and finally broke one spinner with 7 moves left then after next move it said sugarcrush and I won the game with one spinner still there.
  • swatswat Posts: 4
    Agree, this can't be cracked! Impossible to win
  • candyrebcandyreb Posts: 2
    I managed it in the end but it took over a week 😭. Ridiculously hard level. Why have fish when the my can’t stop the spinners! Thankfully only one spinner needed to go on to next level -very poorly designed level. It did my head in! 🤯🤯
  • Susan_CampbellSusan_Campbell Posts: 4
    Completely agree with the above comments. Have been on this level for over a week, and no combination of boosters, hammers or wrapped candies has any effect.  Please fix!
  • Susan_CampbellSusan_Campbell Posts: 4
    Finally managed to finish this level after over s week, but can’t tell you how.  A wrap/ stripe combo on the bottom took out one spinner - although the exact same combination had zsri effect many time before. Thus time, killing one spinner was all it took, so I’ve moved on. Not one of the best levels. 
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