What do you think of having a search box added to your game map?

ElsaElsa Posts: 12,060 Superstar
Are any of you having the same problem as me?  Currently I am at the top of the game and if I want to play some good sugar drop levels (e.g. level 1476 or 666) it takes me a very long time to scroll all the way down to those levels.  If I am playing on Windows 10, I use my mouse to scroll down but when I play the game on my iPhone the level numbers are small and difficult to read so I keep scrolling and looking ..... am I there it? .....  No! .....  I have to keep scrolling.  I think I've scrolled a few hundred only to find out that I just went down maybe 150 levels.  If we could have a search box added to the map and we could type in the level number and click on search I would get there immediately without all that scrolling and looking at the levels.  So who out there is having the same scrolling problem as me?  Would you like to see a search box added to the game?  If so, please comment below and you can also mention what levels that you are currently scrolling to.


I am truly loving the level up so maybe they can combine the two somehow.  I think we really do need the search box.  Please comment below.

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  • Liz_BaileyLiz_Bailey Posts: 4
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    Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
    im tired of all the scrolling to get back through thousands of levels to play for candy drops. 
    Please give us a SEARCH BOX!!
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  • Sally_HarwoodSally_Harwood Posts: 2
    God yes please I suggested this month's ago.
  • TRICIA4955TRICIA4955 Posts: 122 ✭✭
    Yes to the search box.
  • A search box would be so wonderful.  It will be a time saver & allow all players to get where they would like to go quickly. Thank you for addressing this issue!
  • Liz_BaileyLiz_Bailey Posts: 4
    And please add "return to the top"
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 568 Superstar
    I think that sounds like an awesome idea @Elsa! I like to replay old levels to earn sugar drops, and I think inventing a “quick search” feature, to allow the feature to quickly search for a level! I don’t know how technologically ethical this would be, but I sure like your idea @Elsa
  • RbCloyneRbCloyne Posts: 2
    Absolutely, I’ve wanted one since before they added the go to top à while back.
    when I’m stuck on a level, I love to go back to specific levels (1476, 906, 666, 606, 281 and many more) to build up sugar drops and come back to active level with more strength.  I use the opportunity to send lives to friends that are at lower levels. I also like to replay old more difficult levels to try to improve my score for those levels.  My ego doesn’t like not being on top of the leaderboard or at least in the top 5 of my friends list.  Basically, the « Go to Top » button would be more useful as a go to specific number button and if you don’t remember the active level you have reached entering any higher number would bring you to it.
    Please make this happen!
  • jelli23jelli23 Posts: 2
    Hello! Sometimes I like to go back and play levels I have already completed. But I have to scroll down and it takes forever (#lazy!). Was thinking maybe you could have a level menu or something where you could choose a level, click on it and BAM there you are! 
  • Liz_BaileyLiz_Bailey Posts: 4
    RBClayne...where’s the "go to the top" feature???
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,060 Superstar
    @Liz_Bailey that feature is showing on top with my picture inside.  When you start scrolling down it appears on the map.  When you want to go back to your current level you click on it and it takes you back to your current level.
  • Liz_BaileyLiz_Bailey Posts: 4
    Well!  I never knew that!  Thank you!
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