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  • Oakley_ArneyOakley_Arney Posts: 71 Level 3
    ok, so I’m not completely acceptant of the seemingly everlasting status of the bot. It sucks, plain and simple. Optimistically, King developers changed the feature once(maybe more) so maybe they’d be all ears for the right approach to changing this terrible loss for lovers of the game everywhere. My idea: instead of build it up, keep it til you bomb a level, why not an “eye for an eye” type incentive? Whatever we built feature wise on the robot(I don’t even know what they are, a body, 4 limbs I will say for the purposes or getting my point across) is the “booster feature” WE LOSE IF WE LOSE A LEVEL AND ONLY THAT BOOSTER FEATURE INSTEAD OF THE WHOLE ROBOT! So we win 7 levels, bot built, also underlying meaning-2CB’s,2w/s combos 3 extra moves, heading into whatever level it may be, we bomb it, INSTEAD of completely losing the entire bot-WE WOULD IN THEORY ONLY LOSE THE 2nd EARNED COLOR BOMB, the last feature earned on the bot at its fullest I losing everyone? Thoughts? Comments? Other ideas?
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  • IngélaIngéla Posts: 2 Newbie
    Agree... very frustrating that they removed the opportunity to go back and replay previous levels to collect the different boosters. Without the special boosters I only manage one level each day and that’s boring. 
  • heehawrulesheehawrules Posts: 51 Level 3
    Well, now you can only get the Build a bot filled by completing NEW levels, so you won't have this problem anymore. 

    And they already do what you are asking. Lose a level, drop one rung down the ladder.
  • Oakley_ArneyOakley_Arney Posts: 71 Level 3
    Well, now you can only get the Build a bot filled by completing NEW levels, so you won't have this problem anymore. 

    And they already do what you are asking. Lose a level, drop one rung down the ladder.
    😂yes I know, I “flagged” my own self in a desperate attempt to remove this idea, as well as contact support through that platform! I hadn’t “lost a level” once building whatever parts of the bot, then Monday come around and, meh, all the bot goes kaput. I missed the deadline to edit idea, but wish I had worded this idea “GET RID OF THE MONDAY CHANGEOVER” at the given time of when I originally input THIS idea, but since then, that too according to many players has since been positively put into effect! 
  • lmhdancer78lmhdancer78 Posts: 6 Newbie
    Lyla said:
    no use having build a bot unless you can use older levels to build, most levels are to difficult without boosters 

  • lmhdancer78lmhdancer78 Posts: 6 Newbie
    Please put up something else besides build a bot! I haven’t played candy crush for three days because of build a bot. Put up the helmets! Anything else but build a bot! It doesn’t work! 
  • TutTut Posts: 91 Level 3

    Build a bot is terrible for higher level players why would you want to pea olive your long term players?????

  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,503 Community Manager

    Hi everyone,

    Can I ask, are those of you that are unhappy with this feature currently on the last level of the game? Or are there other reasons you would like Build-a-bot to be removed?


  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 21,944 Candy Moderator

    I do not have any complaints for the Build A Bot 😊

  • MichiganplayerMichiganplayer Posts: 53 Level 3
    For some reason, I am not able to post on the topic about Build-a-Bot for past levels.  Perhaps my comments about what a horrible change this has been and insistence that they fix this disaster have ruffled some feathers.  Anyways, a word of advice for the King employee overseeing this.  Walk into the developers offices every day and ask if they are changing it back.  Do it every single day until they change it back.  I will be commenting every single day.

    Also, I would appreciate if I could post on the main thread on this subject.  Fix this disaster already!
  • heehawrulesheehawrules Posts: 51 Level 3
    They are not going to bring the bot back for previous levels. So stop asking.

    The only way it was going to be changed back was if people actually stopped playing for a while and King/Activision could feel it in their pocketbook and the decreased log ins would effect advertising dollars.

    But obviously, people chose to play anyway, and some players on a different thread were posting about how it wasn't going to stop them, bragging about how many levels they passed, etc. So they were and are part of the problem.

    King is making the game pay to play, and they are going to be cutting back on the freebies the further you get. So unless you are wanting to buy gold bars and boosters, you are out of luck.

    The ability to go back to previous levels and earn the Build-a-bot made some of the impossible levels actually doable. But, doesn't accomplish their goal of monetizing a free game.
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