Can't send lives to friends manually



  • ErmaErma Posts: 5
    I can't send lives to lower levels? Not even if I scroll down. I feel bad. 

  • Brian48Brian48 Posts: 4
    I still am unable to send lives to other people. Cannot request tickets from other people. Am unable to advance past level 95 because of this. Playing on PC using Windows 10. Have also tried on PC using Internet Explorer. Same problem on both.
  • sheila31sheila31 Posts: 1
    edited July 6
    I am unable to send lives or ask for lives, I play through Facebook on my phone (note 9)
  • kingfadakingfada Posts: 1
    same problem as Brian48 and sheila31: can´t advance levels or episodes, impossible to send or receive lives from friends, cant send extra moves either, everything stuck. Playing on from laptop windows 10
  • Brian48Brian48 Posts: 4
    Sounds like there was a change made that affected sending and receiving lives and asking for tickets. What was changed recently? It is not just a Windows 10 issue because sheila31 has the same problem on her phone. 
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