Update: Sugar Track

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Collecting the Sugar Track Candies is a great way to rack up those extra boosters and make light work of the challenging levels. We know you love picking up those specially wrapped sweets and dropping them in the Candy jar.

It's become apparent that some players are noticing that the counter shown on the pre-level screen, is not correctly reflecting the number of Candies you've collected toward the Sugar Track reward benchmark.

We've let our Game Studio aware of this and they're currently working to put this right in a forthcoming update.

The important news is that the Sugar Track will continue to function and you'll still be able to collect and exchange the special 'C' labeled Candies you collect in the jar when you reach the milestones toward each Candy reward. Don't worry - we're making sure you're not missing out!

For the moment, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to fix the confirmation counter on the pre-level screen.

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