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New Champions Race

Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 15,728 Superstar
edited April 2019 in Discussions

New event on candy crush saga 😀

Someone share this screenshot on facebook 😊I hope we will not find any problem in it 👇️

Is it the transformation of the Weekly Race? 😊

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  • Theresa_HughesTheresa_Hughes Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have sent an issue report into King.  I am not happy with the new format b/c it includes players that are not my FB friends.  At least one of the players names is offensive and I don’t want to see that on my screen while playing a game.  Also, last week, I received a prize even though I was ranked 30+. It’s still the same champions race but it includes other players.  Not happy.
  • leahcim55leahcim55 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I also want to play only against my FB friends. Number 1 has passed 110 and I can only ever get 30 in a week as I wait for new levels being released 
  • eshoup1eshoup1 Posts: 6 New Bee
    I've been in the top 3 of my group several times, finally got entered on Sunday, just as I hit 4924, passed it and 4925, now I'm waiting for levels (a first for me) and dropping in the rankings. Hopefully, new levels coming soon...
  • kymmiee367kymmiee367 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I dislike this new challenge, I can only clear 30 levels a week because King only releases 2 episodes at a time.  Those of us playing at the highest levels should at least be competing together, instead of being grouped with those just beginning.  Or release more levels at a time..

  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,280 Legend
    Of all the Competitions that were introduced recently, the Champions Race is my least favorite, the bottom of the pile. I prefer to be in the Weekly Race - Gold because at least I get Boosters every Sunday night for being number 1 or least Top 3. With the Champions Race, the highest position I reached was number 9 just for a few minutes. As I have said in my postings regarding this Race, it is easy to fall off the ladder than to climb up. 

    I really enjoyed competing with my Facebook Friends in the Weekly Race. It was something that I look forward to each week. Just like all of you, I never seen any of my Facebook Friends in Champions Race who were in the Top 3 with me on Weekly Race last week. The Weekly Race is still showing in my Progress & Leaderboard. Last Sunday, I was number 1 in that competition but since I was moved to the Champions Race, no Booster Rewards were awarded to me. I assumed it was probably because of the Champions Race. I can't compete with those people. My levels are Extremely Difficult to beat. I have limited amount of Boosters in my stash. When I get the Timed Boosters, they get wasted and get timed-out. I don't reset my board because my game is recorded and uploaded at YouTube. I don't think I'll ever benefit from being included in this race. 

    This week, I am number 1 again in the Weekly Race. I am sure I am not going to be awarded my prize just like last week.

    This Week's Weekly Race ScreenShot


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    Great idea @Sukanta_Biswas sharing those print screens here!

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  • deemactondeemacton Posts: 1 New Bee
     How can I get pictures to show  who is number 1 number 2 or number 3 on game of champions  on candy crush saga?
  • RumellKhan123RumellKhan123 Posts: 207 Level 3
    deemacton said:
     How can I get pictures to show  who is number 1 number 2 or number 3 on game of champions  on candy crush saga?
    I don't think you can. Perhaps you can suggest this as a new idea in the Ideas section.
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