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Updates to Sugar Drops



  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,155 Legend
    edited December 2019
    The rewards for sugar drops used to be better. It seems that the game designers are just trying to get more money out of players. 
    TURK1412 said:
    I don't like the changes at all. It causes extra clicks to find out what the old way used to tell us at a glance.

    Hi there @egabriel51 & @TURK1412 !  Welcome to the Community!

    I understand that both of you don't like the changes. If Candy Crush Saga remains the same over the years, it gets too old and will lose its following. It will become extinct or endangered of being run over by its competitors. We don't want that to happen, don't we? Hey, we love this game which is the reason why we are here voicing and sharing our opinions on changes that were just introduced. I am sure that King's Team are listening and not just letting the comments go on one ear and exit the other. We have to look at this from their perspective as well as ours and try to understand why they are putting these changes in place. Let's not accuse them of extorting money from players. This is part of the business to stay afloat. Without revenues, no business will survive. If this is their only agenda, then everything will have a price tag and no one will get free boosters, free power-ups, free lives. There will be no special events or competitions with prizes to win. Please think about it!

    Thanks for taking your time reading these comments! Happy Holidays!

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    - John Keats

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  • VeltaVelta Posts: 4 New Bee
    Okay, what's up again? I was playing candy crush yesterday.  Wednesday with new levels.   My board contained candy drop levels.  I continued playing today, Thursday, but my board no longer contains any candy drop levels!! I updated the app yesterday before I started to play, and I looked that there is not another update today.  What happened over night?  I lost all my candy drop progress overnight, and now I cannot even start the progress again.
    Why is this happening?
  • lilaahmedlilaahmed Posts: 3 New Bee

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    Hi everyone, 

    Community Moderator here :waving:

    Some of you may have noticed that your Sugar Drops are not appearing in your game map. Additional features like Sugar Drops can be tweaked and changed but before doing that, the Game Studio needs to run a trial with a selected group of players.

    Unfortunately we cannot impact on who is in this trial but regardless the Game Studio does try to ensure that all players have a great gaming experience. 

    I will be updating this thread for any further update as I keep receiving them. 

    During these trial periods player feedback is always valuable, so don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section of this thread.

    UPDATE June 13th

    As mentioned on the previous update (Update May 8th), the game team is testing how Sugar Drops, which is one of the oldest features in the game, is relevant in the context that the game is today. The team is testing how new reward system fits into this context. Thanks for continuing feedback - it's greatly appreciated! 

    UPDATE May 8th

    Every now and then, our Developers revisit old in-game features in order to improve them further and at times they even consider removing them to make space for others, potentially, even more exciting features.

    Sugar Drops was introduced 4 years ago, making it one of the oldest still running features in the game. Back then, the game didn’t have many features and in general it looked very different. Currently we have a vast variety of exciting events where players can collect candies and earn delicious rewards.

    The aim for the Game Studio is always to create new and fun features for our players.  With this aim in mind, they are currently testing to remove Sugar Drops so they can see whether this feature is still relevant in this new context. Or is it time for this feature make way to a new classic.

    We understand you’re apprehensive about this change but just be confident that our Game Studios are always thinking ways to delight our players. 

  • Katrina_AKatrina_A Posts: 46 Level 2

    QUOTE from moderator "Regarding the Sugar Drops, we might see some changes in the future although unfortunately, for now, I cannot share more details with you. Please be aware of the fact that with some of the changes that might come in the future, as with some other feature of the game, some players might also be part of a test group. I know this information doesn't bring anything new but I'll try to keep you guys up-to-date when possible.  

    This is all I can say, for now, Candy Crushers. 

    Have a delicious day and let's keep crushing! "

    Okay... So I've deliberated as to how to respond to this testing thing (see quote above) and the only thing I can liken it to is this analogy... Imagine you are going shopping to your most frequent  food store. You have shopped there for years and is very happy with the various seasonal selections and offers the store has, today you walk in and they have free samples of toffee for customers to taste, it looks good and there are loads of people milling around the table, you walk up to get your sample when WOOSH the store clerk comes over, sorry YOU can't have a sample... you get really perplexed at first and wonder why on earth you can't have something which is free but which everyone around you is getting, you politely ask why and get told that 'sorry but we are testing this product only on certain people' oookaaaay you think a bit strange but possibly a valid reason, you then go on to ask what kind of user group they are testing the toffee on.... The store clerk isn't sure and know no one else who can answer the question, you say politely that you've been shopping here for decades, tough luck says the store manager and walks away.

    THIS is what it feels like at the moment to be playing Candy Crush. There was a mention above about having to change features etc to keep the game interesting etc, well yes maybe but you don't have to TAKE AWAY features that the community want. You've added the sugar stars challenge and there is now 6000!! different levels to play, you'd have to play this game a lot to be bored from 6000 different boards to play. Why not add in various different challenges or even bringing back night time mode etc etc there is so much you can do to keep the game interesting but taking things AWAY just pisses people off.

    Yours sincerely

    Candy crush player FROM THE START

  • Zsuzsa76Zsuzsa76 Posts: 3 New Bee
    Hello. For months I have been collecting candy drops in vain, I have not received a gift for them. It shows below that I have collected, but nothing happens. I play on PC. At King.com
  • Lala_CrowLala_Crow Posts: 13 Level 2
    Starting this summer, I lost the sugar drop challenge on my chromebook playing on facebook.  I do not use the app.  I have tried a number of things to reset including logging out of facebook, clearing the cache, turning off the chromebook, logging out of the chromebook.  It is NOT POSSIBLE to play via the app because this is a company issued device. So the only way I can access candy crush on this device is to go into facebook and play.  I can't go onto KING because I am at level 6100 something.  So I will play on my computer windows 10.  But the chromebook is so much more convenient.  If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.  I already lost a ton of boosters doing some of the previous suggestions but honestly, that is about 4 months ago and I can't recall what the suggestions were.  

    Thank you all and a very happy new year.
  • Latasha_StapleLatasha_Staple Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited January 9
  • stig499stig499 Posts: 3 New Bee
    Thanks for giving back tho good old way to earn Sugar Drops :)
  • jmesmalljmesmall Posts: 18 Level 2
    Only getting 5 drops per level since last update. No more will spawn after the 5th.
  • jmesmalljmesmall Posts: 18 Level 2

    Only getting 5 drops per level since last update. No more will spawn after the 5th.
  • stagsstags Posts: 0 New Bee
    Must of had a new update but now I can only win 5 on each level I try, I notice someone else has reported this. Please fix, also it works really badly on a limited internet when I am on a cruise. My wife has lost all of her face book friends so cant give lives to FB friends.
  • AswanyaAswanya Posts: 1 New Bee
    Same here! Fix this please 
  • biztishbiztish Posts: 1 New Bee
    Same here, I already waste too much time playing this game and the only reason I play most of the time is that collect the prizes since I’m at the last level and wait every week for the new levels 
  • CclosnerCclosner Posts: 11 Level 2
    When u updated did you restart your phone?
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