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It's been about two years and well, the "reused background" issue remains unresolved. 23 backgrounds out of 317 released episodes are fine, which is 7.26%. The ones in Candy Crush Soda Saga are way clearer than this but there are only fewer reused ones which is composed of 10.5% at most. Imagine a user playing level 4131, which is in Merry Market (ep. 277), with the background used is that from Frosty Fields (ep. 156). The user is like, "Looks like I'm on the wrong page. Where am I really?".

If possible, can you help improve the game better by making them correct by matching the map of the episode that where we are on (e.g. the background of episode 190 should be matched with the map of that episode). The clearer, the better like the ones in Soda.

Looks like I'm the only one who cared about that, among others. HTML5 is meant to make the game better, but not quite because there is at least a small piece of flaw. This is really my last resort before I'll leave King.com for good.
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