Level 1240 not working

ericawein0ericawein0 Posts: 2
i keep tryna beat level 1240 but it’s impossible. Instead of giving me 45 moves I get 29 and only one of the two ingredients drop, even when I have used multiple boosters. I have a video of me playing (screen recorded it) if u need proof. I just wanna play my game again!


  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,054 Superstar
    @ericawein0 - I just replayed the level -why do you say there should be 45 moves?  Mine says 37 but of course that is still 8 moves more than you are getting.  The first cherry showed up at 21 moves and the second didn't show until 5 moves - which makes it challenging but doable.  I also use boosters (like the coconut wheel).  However if you are only getting 29 moves and 1 fruit - then it is obviously a glitch.  I am tagging one of the King representatives who is helping out someone else with a similar problem on another level.  They have probably left for the day - but should hopefully be able to help with the problem on Monday. @Achearr - can you please help fix this problem too?  Thank you.

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  • 1Enot31Enot3 Posts: 1
    I found the bug. After working on this level a few different days I discovered that once the "limited time diagonal movements" were turning off the level then worked as designed. 
  • AchearrAchearr Posts: 10 Kingster
    Hey everyone, thank you for bringing this up! The issue should be resolved now, please do tag me or reply if you find any other issues or if the issue reoccurs!  =)

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,657 Superstar
    Hi @Achearr how are you doing today?  You Kingsters rock!  I don't think the players realize who all of you are.  It is wonderful to see you posting here in the community!
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