issue: Why can't I send or receive lives/help on Candy Crush Saga?



  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    Flowers I think we have all come to the conclusion now that King are not going to do anything to remedy this. Even the excuses have dried up now, it's been 11 days since the last reply. This thread is 27 pages, it's been an age since it was started and where are we now? Nothing has changed, I doubt anything is going to change, King don't care. I really don't know why this King community support exists.
  • mel21mel21 Posts: 82 ✭✭
    I totally agree with lobo123 on this,   King does not care.  Really they have jumped into Facebooks pocket and nothing else 
  • flowersflowers Posts: 2
    Thanks lobo123 pretty much what I thought. I contacted them and totally ignored me. Only satisfaction I got when they wanted me to rate their info and if it was any help. would have rated minus anything but could only give them one star. Everyone should do the same.  
  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    I think everything has been said both by us and the staff of I would like to know though why they lied to us and why they won't convert to html5. If anyone from King should reply to this just one time be honest and tell us what is really going on, so far all the answers don't make sense.
  • annabickiannabicki Posts: 2
    How do I go to next level without help from friends
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,065 Superstar
    Hey guys, it's not that King doesn't care. It's a flash based game on  @lobo123, this game is now available with HTML5 but not through which is flash based. 

    Next year Adobe is getting rid of their Flash so I'm sure all games will be going HTML5.  You can now only play on a browser with Facebook or if you have Windows 10 with your computer you can log into your King account there.  If you have mobile devices then you can log into your King account there.

    The studio is trying to resolve the issues on but when you work with an old based program like Flash it's not an easy fix. 

  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    lobo123 said:
    This is not a Facebook game, it was developed for Facebook by King.
    The puzzle game Candy Crush is invented by King Digital Entertainment Company officially released in 2012.

    Developer(s)    King
    Publisher(s)    King

        App Store,Google Play,Windows Phone Store,Amazon Appstore,Microsoft Windows,Mac OS,Linux
    So I ask why King can't fix it's own creation?

    That was my question a few pages back. I think someone mentioned that King converted it to HTML5 for Facebook so why can't they convert it for I've said it before, it's not an impossible job.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,065 Superstar
    edited September 4
    Because the game that they created is not going to be working well with Flash not being supported as it once was. 
  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    You didn't answer my question, why don't king convert to html5 for Please don't tell me that it only works on Facebook or with Windows 10, there are many sites offering html5 games to play online and the only thing you need is a browser and of course internet connection. Let me make it easier, will King convert Candy Crush to html5 for If not why not?
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,065 Superstar
    @lobo123, I don't have your answer and that's why I am not responding to it.  I am just a volunteer who comes here to help the players with their issues.  I do not work for King nor am I a programmer.  If you do a Google search online for mobile devices or computer for any of these games you will find that the data collected shows that there are more mobile device players than computer players so if you were a programmer what would you work on?
  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    It's irrelevent whatever the platform, html5 is just an alternate method of displaying videos and graphics online accessed by any of the main browsers (Firefox, chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) as long as the browser supports it , it doesn't matter if you're on mobile, Win 10, 8, 7 on pc. HTML5 simply makes Adobe flash player redundant.

  • lobo123lobo123 Posts: 21
    I didn't think it could be done but now they've made it worse. Now we have script errors.....


    At least there's some evidence that someone is trying to fix it albeit badly. :(

  • annabickiannabicki Posts: 2
    Thank you for the info, can't figure out why the tooth can not simply unlock the next level!
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