Why Yeti is so happy? Tell us and win Gold! (FINISHED)



  • mairaalibhattimairaalibhatti Posts: 1
    Yeti is happy by eating all the candies. 🤩
  • ojasviniojhaojasviniojha Posts: 2
    Yeti is very happy because  he has now finally escaped the Jelly Queen's green jelly blob in Candy Crush Jelly Saga and has returned to his home in Candy Crush Saga. Now he can play with all his friends during the day and help his friends clear off the chocolate in nightmarishly hard levels in the night. He will now take part in the battles to make the jelly queen a good person again.He is shouting "

  • Kari_WeeksKari_Weeks Posts: 4
    Yeti is happy to see you when you come back and play candy crush every time hes shouting yay!
  • Sandy57Sandy57 Posts: 5
    Because new and exciting boosters are coming.

  • ahamed143ahamed143 Posts: 1
    It got his sweet and had eaten away
  • Tanni666Tanni666 Posts: 3
    Right medication 😁
  • amaybeamaybe Posts: 1
    Yeti is happy that new levels come out each week to help players to stop thinking about their real-life issues even if it's only for a few minutes a day. Yeti knows players feel good helping their friends with lives and themselves when they win levels and win boosters. 
  • bestintheworldbestintheworld Posts: 2
    Yeti is so happy because he FINALLY passed through the Flossy Forest and made it to Flan Falls! Time for some exciting new challenges 🍫😊
  • 0302197203021972 Posts: 2
    Yeti è felice perché ha mangiato tutte le caramelle
  • Leigh_Ann-2Leigh_Ann-2 Posts: 3
    He hit the jackpot on the booster wheel.
  • candlandcrushcandlandcrush Posts: 1
    Yeti is so Happy, because it’s father’s Day and he is wish every father love and joy in their special day. 
  • shaggyshaggy Posts: 3
    Yeti is happy because of candy crush family.
  • Kcjor89Kcjor89 Posts: 8
    Cause he cross over worlds 
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