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Who am I?

ElsaElsa Posts: 27,311 Superstar
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Below are pictures of some of the characters that appear in Candy Crush Saga.  Can you match each trivia to the character? 

A =  I make my first appearance in the Salty Canyon episode.  My spaceship has broken.  Tiffi to the rescue!  She uses an unknown tool, possibly the tool to repair spaceships. “Hooray, you fixed it!”  In the Gummy Galaxy episode my spaceship is broken again!  Tiffi takes out a remote control, and Ellen shows up and beams us both up into her spaceship.  Who am I?

B =  I don’t give a hoot!  I have a violet-theme colour body, which matches the night sky. My eyebrows resemble purple striped candy canes, and my wings are a bit small.  In the Sleep Slopes episode, I meet up with Tiffi who has become tired from helping everyone, and she falls asleep. "Maybe someone should help you for a change?".   I carry her off to Dreamworld for that much needed rest.  While Tiffi is resting, I try to  balance myself on the moon scale.  If too many candies of a particular colour on the moon scale are cleared without the other colour balancing it, I fall off. The more that the scale leans to one side, the more worried I become in fear of falling off the scale.  Who am I?

C =  I am 8 years old.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I am a controlled puppet with golden nails (brads) which connects my arms to my shoulders.  I like to help various mascots by asking them what is wrong and  finding a way to help them.  I love to explore in the Chocolate Mountains and sometimes I will stop to help some quirky characters and some even kookier animals!  I enjoy sending messages in a bottle to recount my adventures.   I eat 500 Swedish fish a day because it is good for my joints! I am left-handed, and my birthday is January 23.  Who am I?

D =  I run the candy store in Candy Town.  Everybody loves me because I sell the best sweets in the whole Candy Kingdom.  I am wordly and intelligent, yet modest and always happy to point people in the right direction.  I have curly hair that's dyed orange just like my eyebrows, goatee, and moustache.  Despite my name, my favourite candy is jelly rather than toffee. The magical day when I find Tiffi is the best day of my life.  I dedicate much of my time teaching her about the Candy Kingdom.  Who am I?

E =  I am the main antagonist of Candy Crush Saga.  I first encounter Tiffi on Bubblegum Bridge where I steal all her candy.  I have a light pinkish colour body with a gold or grey pin for my arms. I resemble a stretched piece of bubblegum as I have a stretched rear area.  I love to play tricks on everyone. In the Pudding Pagoda episode, I try to wreck the cat’s pagoda and in the Butterscotch Boulders episode, I block the train’s way in chocolate.  In the Biscuit Bungalow episode, I encase Pete’s house with a large bubblegum and in Marshmallow Mountains I put a trap out for Jimmy. Who am I?

F =   I run the shop where you can buy boosters.  I am Tiffi’s best friend in the Candy Kingdom and I am by her side through all her adventures.  I love eating delicious chocolate in my home on Chocolate Mountains.  They are so yummy, so I have hard time trying to stop eating them.   But they make me sleepy!  In the Toffee Tower episode, where I first meet up with Tiffi.  I fall asleep on the tower. “Wow what was that noise”.  After completing level 710, Tiffi wakes me up with an air horn, causing me to lose my balance and I fall down from the tower.  Who am I?

G =  I make my first appearance in the Minty Meadow episode, where I am crying because I lost my horn.  My new friend, Tiffi,  brings out a trampoline.  She extracts a string of lollipops from a tree near me. This string later becomes my recovered horn.  I appear in a lot of episodes.   In the Biscuit Bungalow episode, I pop the bubbblegum that envelops Pete’s house.  In the Soda Swamp episode, I am bathing with Bobby into the swamp filled with soda.  In the Custard Coast episode, I am afraid of a candy corn that looks like a shark’s fin.  Tiffi helps me by grabbing it to prove that it is just candy corn so now I can take a swim in the sea freely.  Who am I?

H =   Hi there!  I am a magician and I make my first appearance in the Jelly Wagon episode.  I try to make the candy disappear and reappear on the table but the only things that I ever get are fruits and vegetables (cropsies from Farm Heroes Saga).  I meet up with Tiffi and she helps me out.  In the Bonbon Beanstalk episode, my hat gets stuck from the clouds.  Tiffi helps by growing a candy beanstalk to retrieve my hat.   In the Candy Countown episode, I try to perform an amazing trick, but I forget to light the rocket.  Tiffi comes to the rescue, once again.  She fires up the fuse so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular show.  Who am I?

Thanks to @bearwithme, @firebombmarkus and @Crimson_Dawn for helping me brainstorm some ideas on how to post the trivia here in the community.

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