Timed Sugar Drops



  • suman_msuman_m Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Agree whole. You will find lollipops and hand.

  • suman_msuman_m Posts: 14 ✭✭
    after complain i also 
  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 ✭✭✭
    I agree with the above people. Timed boosters are pointless. By the time I collect sugar drops time has run out for the boosters that I have already collected so pointless and what happened to the hand switch and the lollipop? Did they take them away too. Boy!!! King has taken all the fun out of playing. Till they put the boosters back to the way they were including giving us back the hand switch and the lollipop I am not playing anymore. It's just very frustrating.
  • Zephyr_lscZephyr_lsc Posts: 1
    Agreed too with the above comments. Why take away the real boosters with timed boosters? King is taking away the only motivation and fun for us to continue with candy crush. 
  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 ✭✭✭
    everyone that is pissed off should tell them that until they change the game back to what it was we're not playing anymore. Maybe that would get their attention.
  • JJ53JJ53 Posts: 2
    I agree with all above comments! I have stopped my daily game play! Senseless without storable boosters! Please fix!
  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 63 ✭✭✭
    Why oh why does King have to keep messing with things? I was switched to the timed drops today, & I don’t understand their reason for doing this - because the sugar drops have been around for so long they feel they must tweak them?  They are a very popular aspect of the game so why change them?
    The reaction to the last “test” of removing them completely was overwhelmingly negative as we saw here on these boards, so why try again? So far the timed boosters I’ve received haven’t helped on my current level, & the higher levels are so darned difficult that by the time I pass a level & move to a level where I can use it, it’s expired.
    This really penalizes the most loyal players who are at the higher levels, & I’m getting tired of it. My enthusiasm for the game is rapidly disappearing.
  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
    I am so upset about this, I was in the test group that lost them and now I’m in this one on timed boosters, 3 days was hardly long enough to collect some boosters to make up for the 4 or so weeks we were without sugar drops. I am down to 2 hands and 2 lollipops after this weeks new levels. I can’t see it is possible to do some levels without these boosters. I am quite rapidly going off this game and am no longer in a hurry to play it each day.
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 4,433 Superstar
    Welcome to our community @joanie11 !  I'm glad you found this thread so you can voice your opinion of this new version of sugar drops.  I agree with all of you.  My big prize of boosters yesterday by finishing the complete sugar drop challenge was 15 minutes of four boosters, none of them a color bomb (which you can use on any level).  I didn't win any switches or hammers and got 1 gold bar in total.  Not helpful at all and we have some of the hardest levels of all coming up.  I have been reading posts by the PC players (60 levels ahead of mobile players) and there are one or two levels that people have said can only be won by throwing a ton of boosters at them.  If this keeps up I won't have any boosters left and that will probably be it for me.  I don't mind spending a little money now and then (mostly for more moves), but I refuse to spend a fortune on this game for boosters.  @Sharon_Loose - I hope you are playing the candy quest at least once a day (it resets every 12 hours so you could actually play it twice a day) because you get a hammer each time you complete the quest.  I just stay away from the quest where you have to use a fish and switch booster.

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  • ernstblnernstbln Posts: 128 ✭✭✭
    now I have the timed drops. what a waste of time. I also lost my space race today as it has not shown up. I've won every episode race so far(about 12) and only get 5 gold bars for going thru 15 levels each time. 
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