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Option to "Opt - Out" from the Special Competitions

PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,093 Superstar
edited June 20 in Ideas
I think we should have an "Opt-Out" option from the special features -- especially "Dexter's Space Race" AND F5 Challenge (if possible)

Currently, we are forced to enter the contest as soon as we play a level.  As soon as we earn certain number of Green Candy, we are automatically entered into the contest without any choice.  And if we don't continue to play, we are lost in the contest and dropped down from our place :(

If you agree, please vote for the idea =)
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  • AmeritechAmeritech Posts: 5
    As an avid Crush player, this just started to occur a month ago. It interrupted my long playing competition with a few friends.  But two weeks ago it reverted back to my friends. Yesterday the ‘fun event’??? Came back. Users should be given an option to play that silly, useless fun event.
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 194 ✭✭✭
    I'm bumping this because it occurs to me King is forcing things down players' throats, and I don't support that at all. We should have the choice of entering any event. I really don't like the clutter on my game display. For instance, that new Episode Race feature? I've said elsewhere I don't play to advance; I go at my own pace. Yet, the Episode Race takes up a chunk of my display showing all 4 other players in my 'race' at the finish line with me in the same position - and with no intention of moving!
  • AmeritechAmeritech Posts: 5
    I appreciate your comments.  It us hard to believe with the expertise of software programmers that they can’t write code to care for opting out.  Of course if their goal is for users to buy moves; other products.
  • TheWonderGingerTheWonderGinger Posts: 20


    It is a massive invasion of privacy that I do not appreciate.
  • AmeritechAmeritech Posts: 5
    So the question becomes: do they really care to make the nominal code changes to allow the users to opt out of forced competitions? What I don’t get is I have played Crush for years and NEVER had these pop up competitions until a month ago; so launch the old code brainiacs 
  • AmeritechAmeritech Posts: 5
    So the forced competition ends but then I am forced into a new one; didn’t hit the button that appears to agree.  So I don’t opt in and no way to opt out.  Candy Crush programmers are you reading this?
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