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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • beachlover1
    beachlover1 Posts: 26 Level 2
    I've also been playing twice daily for booster, no reason to play for timed boosters. It's not fair for people to get regular boosters. Time to find something else to play if things don't change. 
  • BlueView
    BlueView Posts: 3 Newbie
    Folks, as long as you keep playing and only "threaten" to quit, but continue to play, they watch the metrics extremely close and if few quit, then they have a new standard. High majority of people continue to play when the rules change and the bar moves higher, but complain only. 
    Some will pay, most will not. Remember, as long as you play, money or not, you are being tracked and used for other advertising purposes elsewhere. You paying $1 or $20 is irrelevant. It is the Facebook tracking that is the most valuable. Ditch CandyCrush will be the ONLY driving force to change the game rules and booster winnings. 

    For me, once my collection of Boosters runs dry, I quit. Delete Facebook, delete the cookies/temp files. No longer a game, or fun.
    My guess is, King understands this game is slowly dying. They are grabbing the money for as long as they can. Then all move on to develop a new game.
  • cew0909
    cew0909 Posts: 1 Newbie
    I miss 2018 candy crush saga where I would get boosters I could save and use in the future.  Where a new life would appear in 30 minutes.  Where I might have a surprise booster of unlimited lives from time to time.  2019 candy crush saga stinks.  After 6+ years, these new changes are finally making me remove the app from my phone.  Goodbye old friend.
  • dgholson
    dgholson Posts: 4 Newbie
    I still play but I refuse to buy anything. If I am stuck on a layer for several weeks, I will seek out a new game. My screen time is down with Timed Boosters. I guess King is weaning us from their game.
  • Laurel_H
    Laurel_H Posts: 4 Newbie
    I’m with Blue View.  Once my boosters are used up I’m out, unless we get our regular boosters back.
    I have paid to Candy Crush but no more, and I will clear everything off my iPad once my boosters are gone.

  • AHS
    AHS Posts: 2 Newbie
    I stopped playing this game, will check back from time to time to see if the Timed boosters are gone, if not I will keep extending the amount of time I stop playing, 6 days was my first time, I used to play 2 times/day.  I found a new game to occupy my extra time!! :(:(:( these faces are for SAGA
  • Tzvi_Marcu
    Tzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,469 Level 5
    I'm interested to know if someone from King team is reading this posts. I never see any answer that respond specific to the issue, like here why the timed boosters come, are they temporary, how do you choice the people that get timed boosters. Before they come I played every 8 hours to collect them, now I don't wast my time for something that I don't need.
  • beachlover1
    beachlover1 Posts: 26 Level 2
    I've decided I'm not going to play anymore. I will also check back daily to see if the timed boosters have changed. I've really enjoyed playing this game, don't understand why they make changes when so many people are upset. 
  • judybelyea
    judybelyea Posts: 1 Newbie
    I am having the same problem with timed rewards And they don’t reward me until I have used all my lives up. Therefore I never get to use them. What joker decided this was a good game. I am done unless I go back to the old way.   All of my friends  that I compete with still get rewards The old way. No fun anymore.
  • cmtayloe_
    cmtayloe_ Posts: 22 Level 2
    I’m with @Tzvi_Marcu.... is anyone from King reading these post? I used to play a lot too but the timed boosters are either something I don’t need for a particular level or I’m out of lives
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