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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • HomeOfLove
    HomeOfLove Posts: 59 Level 3
    OK, I figured out the not getting the sugar drop boosters thing. It used to pop up automatically, but now it won't pop up until you exit out of the game screen to the map screen. Since most people don't exit out of the game screen, until they run out of lives, they get the pop-up then, and of course are mad they didn't get it until they were out of lives. Check before the start of each game, and if you have enough sugar drops, exit to the map screen, and then you will get your sugar drop rewards.
  • Joe000
    Joe000 Posts: 43 Level 2
    My one man protest continues. It has been 4 week without CCS. I doubt if King will ever bring back saved boosters. The timed ones bring in more money and makes CCS like all the other King games. The long time players are adapting their strategy to the timed boosters and the newbies never knew the original CCS. 
  • tnrose
    tnrose Posts: 9 Level 2
    Timed boosters are quite often useless on the current level I am playing. So either get rid of them or make it so that the booster does not activate until you are on a level that it can be used on. Once you are on a level the booster can be used on the timer starts and goes until it runs out even if you go to a new level that doesn't use the booster.

  • Joe000
    Joe000 Posts: 43 Level 2
    edited October 2019
    Stop pleading with the King to return CCS to before Timed Boosters when it was fun to play. He is to busy counting the extra money you are spending for boosters and gold. Accept that the days when you could collect boosters and gold are over. You only have two choices. 1. Adapt the way you play the game to use the timed boosters as you get them and start paying for additional boosters and gold for those super hard impossible levels. 2. Join me in throwing off the shackles of Candy Crush Saga and replacing them with different, better shackles. Just pick your poison. Here is a great site to pick from the 10 best replacements for CCS: **edited by CM- outside of Community**
  • adylanfan
    adylanfan Posts: 30 Level 2
    I agree with Joe000 that King has no intentions of getting rid of these ridiculous and useless timed boosters. Once I have used all my saved boosters on CCS I shall be throwing in the towel and move to another site were loyal gamers are appreciated. RIP CCS.
  • Hugomarink
    Hugomarink Posts: 8 Level 2
    @Joe000 Thanks for the link to other games. I was going to ask if anybody has recommendations for games to play that don't require spending money to advance through the game. I enjoy Candy Crush but I stopped paying into the game about a year ago and now it can take many days to get through certain levels, which is very annoying and definitely not fun.
  • Fr_Cayman
    Fr_Cayman Posts: 68 Level 2
    Just hit the 4600's.  What is the use of boosters if you can't use ANY of them?  Timed boosters...a waste at these levels.  No boosters allowed.   Smh
  • johndvon
    johndvon Posts: 19 Level 2
    I've never even had these booster drop, and I've been playing this game since the day it was releases on play store, I've even spent my real money which I have little of⁉️😡 This really makes me upset and sad. Why haven't I ever had these boosters??? 
  • maryfitz
    maryfitz Posts: 15 Level 2
    Just finished last available level. Now I wait while others are winning contests. 
    Get rid of the sugar stars. Give permanent rewards. You will still make money 😠
  • Fakhruddin-2
    Fakhruddin-2 Posts: 190 Level 3
    I fully agree with maryfitz regarding sugar stars it serves no purpose same with gold crown with 1st attempt and trophy this is just gimmicks instead give boosters that will be worthy reward to win level on first attempt and stop timed boosters and return to old system 
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